FAQ On Energy Healing and Conditions

List of conditions Karin has worked with

I’ve helped clients with a wide variety of conditions such as asthma, eye conditions, back pain, kidney pain, liver pain, bladder pain, colon restriction and female afflictions, shoulder pain, knee problems, chronic and mysterious pain, depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, exhaustion and high levels of stress.

I have assisted individuals with the release from addictions (such as sugar, tobacco and alcohol) and the related trauma.

I’ve supported clients after the loss of a loved one and after divorce. I’ve also assisted clients in preparation and recovery from surgery, and during chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

I’ve assisted clients gather more life force, creativity, a deeper relationship with spirit, and helped others to connect with their life’s purpose.

Spiritual guidance

The angelic realms, spirit guides and ascended masters are a living light aspects of the multi dimensional spirit world, they are a natural gift and available to all. I thank the teams of light beings that are so generously assisting in all my healing sessions.

Please remember, guidance and help is yours for the asking. ‘Ask and you shall receive.‘ You open heart is the key! Put it through the test. It has not failed me yet.

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