Healing a Fall From Grace

Healing a Fall From Grace

Karin Inana Solo! The Healer

A Self Healing Opportunity; The Healing Power of the Aura, the Hara and the Multi Dimensional Assistance Team in action.

This is a story of a recent self healing opportunity. I am an experienced healer and an expert in repairing the energetic structure of the Aura, or the Human Energy Field which is essential to our life, health and wellbeing. I have studied and worked with the Aura for the last 14 years. This includes working with the physical body, the Aura, (including chakras and the lines of light), the Hara (dimension of purpose and intention), Past life healing and other multi dimensional aspects of our human being.

In this story I am the healer and being healed, demonstrating the self healing power of the Aura, Hara and the Multi Dimensional Assistance Team in action.

It happened last week, as I was possessed by the cleaning devil. Looking up at my ceiling-fan covered in dust, with 10 min. to spare until my client arrived, I took the chance and gave it a go. I moved a kitchen chair underneath the ceiling fan, got the duster out and stretched as far as I could for the outer limits of the blades. I felt it was a shaky situation but ignored the warning sign of the unstable chair.

Reaching for the outer edges of the blades I lost my balance, fell over backwards and landed on my back, leaning to the right. I must have reached back with my right arm midair to break the fall, because my wrist and elbow were bent behind me in an awkward way.

I pulled my right arm out from under me and held it in pain. Something had happened and I was figuring how bad the damage was. I gave thanks that my arm was not broken. My wrist felt cut off and hurt the most, the elbow and shoulder felt traumatized and weak. The light of pain had gone though it and lit up the inside. From the elbow down, my arm felt energetically detached and empty on the inside, the Hara line in my arm was gone. Yet the phone was ringing, announcing my client for her healing session.

Thankfully I was able to give a successful healing despite my own trauma.

Later I examined my arm in detail. There were no torn ligaments or tendons. But all three joints involved – the wrist, elbow and shoulder – were stressed, the elbow joint seemed to be bruised on the inside and muscles were sprained. The Hara line was void. (The Hara’s energetic structure is a level deeper than the Aura, it holds within itself the very reason why we have taken a body and come into physical incarnation this time around. The Hara connects through the center of the bones, is deeply supportive to the physical body and the purpose of our life.) The small Chakas, those governing the joints, were dislodged at the wrist, elbow and the shoulder. Lines of light that travel up and down the arm had gone weak or were missing.

My HSP, Higher Sense Perception, gives me the ability to look and feel into and feel the energetic structure of the field, or Aura. I gave thanks for my good fortune. Good fortune for the fact that my energetic structure had taken the fall and that my physical structure was affected relative minimally. I had fallen in the best case scenario and accepted it as a healing opportunity.

No doubt 30 years of Yoga practice and some regular dancing was saving me from a more severe injury, as well as my generally healthy eating habits.

What needed to happen was for the Hara line in my arm to be restored, so that healing could begin. With a broken or missing Hara line, healing would be more difficult and prolonged.

Healing sessions were to be layered and gradual. I went to work right away. Declaring a sacred healing space for myself and gathering my multi dimensional assistance team (MDAT) around me, I asked for a Hara healing through my arm specifically and for the restructuring of the elbow chakras. I gave thanks and prepared to receive the healing.

Resting in my bed, I felt my MDAT move into place around me and soon my Hara filled my arm again. I was relieved and excited to feel the Hara come back into place, connecting down my arm into my wrist, hand and fingers. Next the elbow chakras were being put back into place by way of restructuring and again relief as my arm filled out energetically.  However, pain surfaced from deep within my arm as the healing progressed into the affected areas.

The evening of the incident, I winced in pain and cried as I tried to lift my arm, it would not move the way I wanted it to move. I could not reach my mouth or hold things with my right hand. Every task involving my hands was painfully difficult and some things just couldn’t be done.

Three days in a row I worked and received healing for about an hour, to an hour and a half each time, (and continuing on as needed). Mobility in my arm increased every day. By day four I was able to put my hair into a ponytail and eat with my right hand again.

As the healer I am spared none of the details in a healing process. These specific personal details are particularly interesting to me, I see and feel multiple aspects of the trauma. As I had time to rest and think about the incident, the meaning of the missing and now reconstructed Hara in my arm became more significant.

The Hara, as explained above, is at the core energetic structure of why we have come into physical incarnation this time around. I thought about what I am reaching out for at this time of my life, what is ultimately important to me and the fulfillment of my longing? What am I reaching for, what am I holding on to and what do I need to let go of?
Working with the Hara initiates a deeper healing process, invites one to pose questions of purpose and longing. The trauma is a point of investigation.

By day four, astral occurrences, traumas from past live’s started rising in my hand, arm and shoulder to be released.

A positive attitude helped me stay present to the healing opportunity despite increasing pain in my right shoulder and limb. Grateful for my experience with healing past life trauma, I knew this pain to be temporary, and therefore, I was free “to let the movie play out” on my inner mind screen with all the physical sensations but without fear.

What most people don’t know is that past life pain acts on the physical body like “real pain”, from minor to extreme sensations. I saw and felt that my right hand had been cut off at the wrist. Was this the punishment for food I had stolen in another life? Had my hand been cut off in battle? All I saw, was that it had been cut off. I viewed it with compassion and the sensation seceded for another one to rise. In this one, my right hand had been crushed. I felt the sensation rise over the course of a day, a leather strap had been wrapped around my right hand, at the location of the metatarsals where the fingers join the hand. In time the strap got tighter and tighter. I was holding on, being pulled by a force, a large object, or a runaway horse? Slowly my hand was crushed. This sensation took about two days to move through. At times my hand hurt badly as the PL memory released. Again, I saw and felt the leather strap tightening and the bones being crushed. I watched with interest and compassion, allowing the healing to take place as waves of pain exited my hand, followed by a soothing warmth.

Next, the shoulder. There had been a tight spot underneath my right shoulder blade, for what seemed to be forever, it had been part of me that long. I had almost forgotten about it. Now it came up sharp from the depths of my shoulder, pointed and metal like. It plagued me though a fitful night as it was rising through the levels of the field into physical awareness. I had been stabbed in the back, possibly in battle, it did not kill me then but it sure hurt like hell. When I looked at myself in the mirror that morning before taking a shower, my shoulder looked limp and detached. I spent several healing sessions on this particular past life event, witnessing and forgiving with loving compassion. It was difficult to move my arm that day, extensions were challenging. Opening the door to my office just turning the key was painful. Pulling on my sweats in the evening made me wince and cuss in four letter words. I had to remind myself to be patient with my own healing.

Today it’s been a week since the fall. I still have some weakness in my right arm, rotations and extensions are restricted and painful at the far end of the movement. Last night, taking a bath, I found a big bruise on the inside of my elbow. It was not really a surprise, but it never swelled up. My wrist is going through another healing wave, this time more physical. It has been a positive and relative trauma free healing not without pain, but without suffering. I am appreciating the beauty, wisdom and healing intelligence of the Human Aura more than ever. I marvel at the energetic structure and how it helps me heal my physical body specifically. I am sure, without my healing skills and the assistance of my multi dimensional assistance team, my arm would have been in a sling for weeks or month. I am deeply grateful for this healing opportunity.