Inner Healing

Inner Healing

Inner healing is the process of focusing conscious attention on one’s physical, emotional and mental state of being to affect the health of our body, mind and spirit. Inner Healing occurs when we focus with a compassionate attitude on what ails us, pains us and wants to be healed.

By directing focus into an area of concern we get vital information as to what is needed to affect the health of an organ, our body, or a state of being. Knowledge has a way of surfacing naturally when we focus our attention to an area of discomfort. We find out what is needed in order to heal. Is it rest, a change of diet, the right kind of movement, or do we need professional help or the presence of a loving friend?

Compassionate attention to oneself in and of itself is already healing; the moment we become present to what is really going on initiates this process.

For example: if you are feeling sad it may help to tune in where it resides in the physical body. Where does this sadness live? Does it live in the chest or somewhere else? Bring attention to it and into the affected area. The emotion may intensify momentarily and breathing into it may help release the sadness and a good cry may follow. Understanding and acceptance will bring about a more peaceful state of being, helping you decide what is next.

Inner healing can be very specific or somewhat general. If one knows the aura and human anatomy, the healing effect on the whole being can be truly astonishing. Pain relief is possible by focusing attention and commanding the field to mend itself and to release blockages that are signaled by the pain. Rather then avoiding the sensation of pain, opening up into it might release the pain. I use this method of exploration in my own personal healing on a regular basis and find it very useful as a first aid response.

Inner healing is unlimited as one can direct the focus of the mind toward the Source of one’s life.  Inner healing works best when accompanied by outer healing. Outer healing is the action, the necessary change in behavior to facilitate further healing in order to make it permanent. A change in habit, diet, or transforming a negative belief into a positive, will free creative life force energy and empower healing.

Meditation is recommended and a self-healing session with a trained healing guide is invaluable to the explorer of inner healing.