Rest, Relax and Pay Attention to your Feedback System

Often clients ask me, “what can I do between sessions to keep and improve on the results of the healing?

Resting when healing ~ is like water for fish; if you get my drift. A little humor goes a long way too. In order to heal we need to rest, relax and pay attention to our feedback systems. Our physical body in combination with the Aura is a self healing organism, given the right conditions, it will heal by balancing itself. All humans have a God given ability to heal themselves. Often just a little rest is needed to do the trick, provided the balancing system is functioning, which means you are getting and listening to the messages your system is giving you.


The body is not a separate entity, in fact as long as you are alive, you and your body are one. It is the vehicle through which you express who you are, mind  heart and soul. Your body is your physical embodiment! It will tell you what you need and when, given that your feedback system is functioning appropriately.




Most of us push ourselves too much and too far. We don’t notice the red light, sending us the message to rest, we just keep going on and on, until finally we are exhausted and collapse. Then, we feel it is justified – maybe, to rest. Often, by that time the switch is stuck in the on position and with all that mental activity we ‘think’ we can’t get off the tread mill. Despite the fact that we are exhausted the mind keeps going on a merry-go-round. “I can’t stop now, I got to do this… and this… otherwise there will be hell to pay” and so on. This is a reaction from an unbalanced system and a call for help, letting us know that we are stuck. You know the story well, it’s a vicious cycle until you are finally on your back… forced to take a rest.



Disease happens when we are busy ignoring the signs of an advancing condition. We numb ourselves to the telltale signs of , “I am tired and need rest”. I need something! And in doing so we might keep our selves going with copious amounts of coffee and then perhaps sleeping pills, to get some shut eye when the tasks are finally done. This opens the door to the univited guest, called dis-ease.




What has gone astray? The mind has separated from the will and body. The mind is now infected by the collective push to accomplish more, to do more and therefore to get more, believing this is somehow better. Fear also is a driving factor, “what if I don’t have enough”? The monkey mind holds the will hostage against the body. “You can rest when I am done with this task and all the other tasks”. Until finally exhaustion creates a crisis.

Almost always, when someone is in this particular cycle, the first chakra is definitely damaged and out of kilter, but other energy centers are involved as well. The person invariably has lost touch with the body and it’s feedback system. Rest then becomes like an old friend in the long gone past, difficult to remember and not easy to get back in touch with.



The problem is that we confuse our system with conflicting demands and commands, ultimately this leads to eventual breakdown of the system.




We receive the message from the body to rest, eat or move because it is trying to help us re-balance and to get back on track. It does not serve us to ignore the signs or treat it as a bother and something to get rid off.  Unfortunately then, the feedback system following our wishes, shuts itself off.



Resting plays an essential part in the rhythm of life, just as silence is an essential part of music. Every person and being has an individual need for rest which may change according to what is going on in life. When we are in a creative cycle, we are energized by creativity and might need a minimum of rest. At the end of a creative cycle, when all has been spent, the need for rest increases again.




Resting allows one to move forward with vigor and renewed creativity. In times of illness, rest will help our body recover and provide an opportunity to deepen the connection with other energetic layers of the field. Then we are able to hear the messages the body and being is signaling. There may be an “aha” moment waiting to happen, initiating an entirely new path of healing and creative expression. Rest is beautiful when one finally surrenders to it. It can take you deep into your inner core to help bring forth aspects of yourself that have been waiting and wanting to emerge. Hence making your life more whole, a feeling of wholeness means healing has been accomplished!

The best way to get back to resting is to exercise the body and to tire it out by walking or dancing. Follow it up with horizontal positioning like the resting pose at the end of a Yoga session – rest deeply. Keep your mind on your breath and track the sensations of your body for as long as you can. This helps you stay off the mindless merry-go-round of your thoughts, even though they disguise themselves as important. Let go of them completely for 10 – 15 minutes. When you get back to it, may it be all more in balance with your greater good! You don’t have to go to sleep, you can learn to rest deeply without sleeping and get great results that will carry you through the day with grace and ease.



In our busy-ness we tend to forget the all important fact that, “We Are Life Itself!” Think about it. You are life itself. You are the magic of life, not separate from it. You Are It!  You Are Life, and therefore all life supports you! Having an open and balanced system is helpful in receiving the support that is offered from all directions, especially from the ground up. The earth is your partner in resting. The first chakra makes the connection from your body to the earth and vice-versa.




Paying attention to your first chakra will help to get your balancing system back on line. Restructuring the first chakra helps in feeling the sensations of the body, hence you have a way of tracking the messages your body is signaling. The first thing I will ask a client to pay attention to before restructuring a first chakra are the feet. There tends to be a distinct change in feeling in the feet from the inside out after a first chakra restructuring. It is like having your feet close to a campfire, where they feel warm, cozy and alive. Often a client will say that they have not felt their feet in this way for some time. The sense of taste seems to also improve sometimes dramatically. I have had a client come back after a first chakra restructuring to tell me about a fantastic strawberry taste extravaganza. He told me it was like eating them for the very first time. Sex is also known to get better. I have had some glowing reports come back to me, satisfied smiles included! And we all know how sweet rest can be after a good love making session…

When our first chakra is healthy we feel in tune with our body and enjoy the physical experiences of life. Resting comes easier with a healthy first chakra.