Self Healing

What is Self Healing?

Self-healing arises out of a desire to heal one self. There is a recognition that something needs to be healed, that something is amiss from the whole and needs to be made whole again- or for the first time.
Healing, in the truest sense of the word means “to make whole”, or “to re-member”. In essence, when we are feeling any kind of pain, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature, we often remember who we truly are by seeking to heal the pain.

If the pain is physical we are directed toward it, to pay attention to find out what is needed. Perhaps a visit to the doctor, or a change in activity is in order? It may be that our particular choice of sport or work does not agree with us anymore. Or a simple change of diet is necessary. At best, discomfort makes us question our habits and initiates change that brings about the desired healing, or more wholeness into our lives.

Emotional pain may be more elusive and therefore easier to ignore. Most of us are not encouraged to respect our emotional wellbeing as much as our physical well-being. In childhood, we may have been discouraged from paying attention to our emotions. The resulting inability to deal with emotions may affect our relationship with the self and others. Failing relationships may then trigger the need to seek out a therapist or healer, initiating self-healing.

Emotional pain is always accompanied by faulty thinking that supports the pain. This is the mental aspect of emotional pain. Emotional pain can easily turn into physical pain. As the heart energy shuts down to regulate the signals of emotional distress, the whole body is affected by diminished flow of energy. Over time this decline in energy makes  a pathway for disease in parts of the body that are already weak.

Spiritual pain will act upon all of the bodies depending on the severity of the affliction. Spiritual pain is most often signaled in a mild form by feeling of what is called Divine Discontent. It is a signal from our inner being that we may be off course with our purpose and not engaged enough in an expression of our unique creativity.

In positive reality, spiritual pain will guide us to our longing and hence to the fulfillment of our inner heart’s dream. This sacred dream is the reason for our being to embody in physical form.

The sacred dream is the longing of the heart flame, located at the center of the upper chest. Here lives what we are burning to do, to be and to have.  What we are passionate about keeps us feeling alive and inspires our unique creative expression. It gives us life. Our sacred dream is what we cannot do without. Without it – we might suffer a life of quiet desperation.