About Karin Inana

About Karin Inana

Karin Inana is a divine healing presence. As a clairvoyant master healer she is empathic and heart centered. Karin’s gifts help others heal by working specifically with the Heart & Aura. Her work engages spiritual and energetic principals that provide the framework to be fully alive.

Karin provides full spectrum healing which addresses all layers of the Human Energy Field. She specializes in repairing the energetic structure of the Aura, Spiritual Surgery and Past Life Healing. Karin works closely with the help of the Divine Master Council.

Karin Inana has a deep commitment to health and healing personally and professionally. She has been a passionate healing arts professional for most of her adult life.

Schooled and trained as an orthopedic technician in Germany, Karin held positions within two Medical Universities of Mainz and Frankfurt. She came to the USA from Germany to study alternative health & healing methods such as Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Directed Breath and Raw Food Nutrition for healing purposes. In 1990 Karin discovered her gift for ‘Hands on Healing’ this began her quest in studying the multidimensional field of Spiritual Energy Healing. She has since become a pioneer in the art of self healing by synthesizing a radical new approach which uses all facets of the multidimensional field. It gives you the keys to the kingdom that is your life.

Karin is a graduate of the Brennan Healing Science School, and the ‘Art of God – Life of Choice’ program. She is the founder of Heart Flame Healing and has developed the ‘Reclaim the Power to Heal Yourself’ program.