Aura and Past Life Healing

Aura and Past Life Healing

The Aura is the living template to our greater reality of who we are as multi dimensional spirit beings. When we die, we transition out of the physical and an aspect of the Aura continues the journey, including the memory of our sacred human heart. Hence, the Aura is more alive then the physical body.

At the time of death the Aura completely disconnects from the physical body. It is then, when spiritual animation ceases, that the body begins to decompose. However, the Essence of our Being continues the journey into unseen aspects of existence.

Our sacred human heart has specific functions within the Aura. One of them is to re-member and re-connect us to the wholeness of who we are. It is within the Akashic record of the heart, that we remember who and what we have been in other lives.

An unresolved traumatic and painful past life (PL) can cause pain in the physical, emotional, and mental body of present day life. A past life affliction can come on suddenly out of nowhere, or it can fester and linger as chronic and ‘mysterious’ pain. Unwanted recurring emotions and mental disturbances can also be part of a past life conglomerate.

Severe and/or prolonged trauma has a way of leaving scar tissue in the memory of our sacred human heart.

While in the trauma experience, misconceptions are formed about life in general. Ultimately these misconceptions, as they are born out of trauma, are not in alignment with the truth of life. The trauma creates a negative image, or a scar, which is held within the Aura, specifically at the level of the heart. The scar tissue is etched into the Akashic memory of the heart and it remains there until it is activated by a present life event. Then, the memory bleeds through into the present through the physical signaling with pain – the old wound offers itself up for healing. A past life affliction can be triggered by physical and or emotional events.

A troublesome past life behaves much like unresolved early childhood trauma affecting the life of the adult.
A surfacing past life is often uncomfortable and can be very painful. However, the activation of a PL is always in the direction of healing. The PL is often misread and treated as a purely physical symptom, because the person suffering, (or the medical doctor), does not know about past life phenomenon, (or does not believe in it).
Past life phenomenon is not easily understood. One has to address the issue of reincarnation and other questions when presented with a major PL affliction. Past live’s don’t care about what we believe, even an atheist who follows a specific scientific model can be afflicted.

I have come to understand that we are spiritual beings living in a multi dimensional and continuing reality. We move in and out of physical incarnations. One might remember none, or a little and others remember more. Positive experience in past lives tend to integrate naturally into our present day life, often gifting us with talents that have been nurtured in other lifetimes.
As a ‘gifted’ healer who specializes in healing through the energetic structure of the Aura and the removal of past life trauma, I encounter PL phenomenon daily. Usually distressed individuals find me after having consulted with doctors, tried other healing modalities and have taken their share of drugs. It is not uncommon for their pain to disappear or lessen during a first healing session.

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