Hara Healing

Hara Healing

The Hara, or Hara Line it is the tuning fork for our individual life purpose and fulfillment in life. It holds within the reason why we have embodied this time around.

A “Hara Healing” or “Hara Line”  healing is helpful and needed when you are searching for “Your Life Purpose”. The “Purpose of Life”  is encoded in the Hara. Hara healing is beneficial when recovering from physical trauma or during life changes. It is also helpful when seeking for a life change.

A healthy Hara is deeply supportive of physical health. When the Hara is in good alinement, we tend to feel at home with ourself and with one’s “life purpose”.

A damaged Hara, or a distortion in the Hara line would have you feeling less like your self and out of touch with your purpose, as well as a lack of enjoyment in your life and body.

The Hara is one level deeper than the Aura, it therefore defines the Aura to a certain degree. The Hara line goes through the center of your bones and in front of your spine. When the Hara is damaged or broken we tend to have pain in the area where the Hara is compromised.

Besides being deeply healing on a physical level, a Hara alinement can bring about a supportive course correction to fulfill one’s ultimate life purpose.

Your purpose makes itself known by the longing in your upper heart. That which you are longing for, your life purpose – is also longing for you! Beautiful isn’t it?

more on the Hara…

The Hara is the guiding light, our inner compass that guides us to our true north.  It leads us with pleasure in our own being to that which turns us on, gives us life and brings us true joy. That is how we know that we are on track with our purpose.

So in a way, it is about the fun you can have as the unique individual that you are. Less fun and even suffering if you are too far off.

Distortions of the Hara and the field can come from illness and someone else’s agenda, (ie) like parents, raising their children with their own expectations.

There are four points to the Hara,

1.) Your connection with the earth at the center of the earth. This point is ultimately grounding and supporting you in your purpose. It is your anchor.

2.) Second point in the lower belly, a ball of liquid fire, the fire in your belly that burns for your longing to be fulfilled. It is the intention in alinement for what you are longing for. It is the fire in your belly for what can-not be denied!

3.) Third point is the Longing or the Soul Seat. The location is the upper heart, center chest. This is where we tend to place our hands, when we are talking about something that really matters to us. This place is alive with our Inner Heart’s Dream. When shrouded we do not know what we really want and tend to follow other people’s protocol.

4.) Fourth point is your personal connection to Source, or God. It is located about one foot above your head. When this place is activated with ultimate alinement, you are present to your longing, alined and grounded in your intention. Then, all things tend to fall into place to help make your longing and inner heart’s dream come true. Also, your own God given Genius is activated, giving you brilliant insights, guidance and support in the right direction.

The Hara goes through the center of your bones and helps them heal when broken. Yoga is very good for strengthening the Hara, as well as brisk walking with awareness of Hara on all  4 points, grounded in earth. Walking is excellent preparation for a Hara healing.