Cord Healing

Cord Healing

Cord healing is an advanced healing modality, assisting in relationship
healing with self and others. Cord healing is helpful when one is
dealing with recurring difficult and unwanted relationship patterns. It
encourages positive relationship.

The cords are the invisible ties that connect us in all relationships,
from the very first one, the mother/child connection, to all other
significant relationships.
Relationship cords grow from chakra to chakra; second chakra to second
chakra, third chakra to third chakra and heart to heart chakra and so

Cords between individuals are lasting and alive beyond the duration of
the relationship and physical incarnation. They are holographic in
nature and therefore can be addressed at any time, during and after a
relationship, to affect positive change in the present.

The length and quality of a relationship is reflected in the quality of
the cord. The cords can be beautiful, strong and flexible, or tarnished,
sticky, brittle, disconnected and torn. Torn or disconnected cords can
be emotionally painful and cause physical problems by wrapping or
embedding in neighboring organs, often resulting in physical

Old relationship cords might be tarnished with sticky residue of painful
memories causing havoc in newer relationships. These cords can be
cleaned and cleared to bring about compassionate understanding and a
release from old patterns, making way for positive relationship skills.
Often immediate relief is felt when the cords are beingĀ  addressed with
positive intention toward self and other.

Torn or disconnected second chakra cords can be embedded in the ovaries
or wrapped around the fallopian tubes causing physical pain and
dysfunction. I have also found them wrapped around the large intestine
creating problems with digestion. Third chakra cords can affect the
liver, gallbladder function and disturbances in the pancreas. Heart
chakra cords can affect the heart and lungs.

Cord healing is an advanced healing modality and sequentially applied.

It is imperative to build a strong foundation and a safe container
for the client within her/his own field, before advancing into cord
healing. In most cases it takes preliminary healing to stabilize the
field for the cord healing to be ultimately successful.
For example, to clear a second chakra cord after a long standing issue,
the first and second chakra might have to be restructured before the
healing can be fully integrated. Also, the heart needs to be looked at
and attended to before advancing into any cord work.

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