Core Star Healing

Core Star Healing

The Core Star is the inner radiance of your being.  It is the sum-total of your pure light energy that shines with the signature of your unique individuality. It is the light of your essence which you have been for time eternity (and adding to).

It is the essence of your being.

When out of touch with this essence, we tend to look for ‘too much’ outer validation and might anchor to a masked personality existence. In other words, we might accumulate possessions, personality traits and even people, that we then identify with, in an attempt to fill that inner void. Addiction is a most severe manifestation of being out of touch with one’s essence.

When in touch with your essence, you know who you are, because you can feel it. Others can see and feel it too. It is easy to see and feel the true light of another. It is just as easy to spot a fake, or someone trying too hard. They feel deep inside that something is amiss and can’t quite connect… this is because of a shrouding or a wounding.

These woundings can go back lifetimes and are then called Soul Traumas. Soul Traumas create a greater shrouding and are addressed additionally with Past Life Healing.

Core Star healing is usually done in combination with other healings such as Hara Healing.