Remote or Distance Healing

Remote or Distance Healing

Distance or Remote Healing is a convenient alternative to in-person healing. Distance healing is preferred by those who are unable to travel due to illness or are living in a different city or country. 

Distance is no barrier to receiving a powerful and effective healing. 

The essence of who we are is not of physical origin. That which animates your physical body comes from unlimited Source energy. Blockages and trauma are the result of being cut off from this unlimited Source. The resulting pain may be physical, emotional or mental in nature. Who you are as a unique individual in contact with this unlimited Source is that which animates your physical existence. This animation comes from a non-local source and becomes local in your physical existence through the vital system called the ‘Aura’. In all my healing sessions, in person or at a distance, I contact this unlimited Source while working with and through your Aura. Distance healing is possible, by connecting to unlimited Source and the essence of your being.

The angelic realms, spirit guides and ascended masters are a living light aspect of this Source and are assisting in all healing sessions.


“Recently I was feeling physically fatigued due to major personal and work stresses. In one distance healing session Karin worked her magic. I went from feeling exhausted with little energy for anything other than work and sleep, to feeling energized and inspired even after work.”

Heidi Funk, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, Northrop Grumman Corporation


How to prepare for a Distance Healing Session:

Your intention is vital to the results of your healing.

Preparing for your distance healing will deepen your connection to your experience. There are several ways to prepare for a healing.


  1. Before your session it is helpful to connect to your full healing intention.
  2. A 1/2  hour walk (or longer) if you have the time for it, will support your grounding and aid in receiving the healing.
  3. Meditate for 10 min., or practice soft internally focused breathing.
  4. Have some drinking water at your site.
  5. Choose your healing place, this might be your bed or a couch, a recliner also works well.
  6. Turn off the phone after your conversation with me.
  7. Make sure that you are undisturbed for the duration of the time arranged.
  8. It is OK to fall asleep during a healing and to let yourself rest deeply, it is in support of the healing.
  9. Rest on your back to receive your healing, if you can.
  10. It is important to prepare for your healing, even if you are in a different time zone and have arranged to receive your healing while you are asleep.

What might I experience during a distance healing?

It is not unusual to fall asleep during a session, but if you are awake you might feel tingling sensations, hot or cool perceptions and emotions might be arise as they are being released. Visions are common as well. After the healing expect a 24-hour integration period in which a shift of consciousness and often a mental reframing occurs. For instance, a change in perspective of how you view a particular challenge that you are dealing with. Emotional release and physical pain release are likely to continue and you may need more rest until the healing is fully integrated.

What can I expect?

Most people experience a significant improvement during a session or right after. Often one session will handle a specific problem. Your intention is vital in the results of your healing. Depending on how deep and for how long a condition has existed, you may need several sessions to fully integrate a healing state. A longstanding physical condition generally needs more sessions then a recent health challenge. The healing graph advances in a curved upward line, not usually in a straight upward line.