Heart Healing

Heart Healing

Heart Healing involves all aspects of the human heart; the physical, emotional as well as the mental and spiritual aspects of the heart chakra. The heart chakra, located in the center of the chest, it governs the physical heart, the lungs, the thymus and the love energy in relationships to others. If you have any complaints in the fore-mentioned, you’ll benefit from the wide ranging healing effects of a heart healing.

True healing comes through the doorway of the heart. Miracles happen when the heart chakra opens to the healing opportunity presented by a crisis, health, or relationship challenge.

An open heart chakra is the doorway for multi dimensional healing aspects to come through and to help heal what ails us most.

In my experience as a spiritual healing presence, this help is given upon the asking – immediately. It is the individuals ability, or inability to receive, that speeds up, or slow’s down the process of healing.

More about the heart chakra….

The human heart possesses infinite intelligence beyond linear understanding. It is through the human heart that we remember, who and what we have been in other lifetimes. It is by addressing and honoring this divine intelligence of the sacred human heart, that healing expands into all aspects of life.

* Heart healing opens the doorway to receive unlimited assistance from the spirit realm.
* Heart healing helps to heal relationship issues.
* Heart Healing helps to heal the physical heart, in all aspects of affliction.
* Heart healing supports and prepares for all other healing modalities on this site.
* Heart healing is supportive in connecting to your life’s purpose.
* Heart healing helps to release grief.

Other aspects of heart healing are; heart chakra restructuring,

* Past life healing
* Cord healing

* A chakra is a subtle structure providing energetic respiration, or prana, to the governing area. Each chakra governs a specific area of the body, including mental emotional and spiritual aspects.

Chakras can be damaged or distorted by trauma, limiting or eliminating, vital flow of prana through this living structure. A distortion in a chakra will effect the health of the body and at the far end of physical manifestation, it cause of weakness or pain.

The heart chakra, which is in the center of the chest governs the physical heart, the lungs, the thymus and the love energy in relationships to others.

The back of the heart governs the thoracic spine and the medial aspect of the shoulder blades.  The front aspect of the heart chakra tells us about the quality of love we are extending to others and life in general.  The back tell us about our willingness to be loved by others.

A telltales of a closed heart chakra is continued criticism of others.  Physical heart issues are always accompanied by a distortion of the heart chakra. Asthma and other lung issues are also related to heart chakra distortions.  Problems in the area of the medial shoulder blades indicate a closed heart in the back, and that one may carry too much of a burden without allowing loving support from others.

A distorted or damaged chakra can be brought back to full functioning quite easily by restructuring.  When needed, restructuring the heart chakra excellerates and expands healing into all aspects of life immediately.  An open heart is the doorway to receive unlimited assistance from the spirit realm.