Pet Healing

Pet Healing

Pet healing works beautifully over distance. I have successfully worked with cats and dogs. Mostly these are dearly loved pets of my human clients. If you have been ill and have a pet, your pet may be effected by your illness or disease and appreciate being cleared of the trauma. The closer the relationship of owner to pet and vice versa, the greater the chance of merging and the transference of symptoms. If you suffer for an extended period of time, your pet will have some sense of a shared experience; a healing will not only restore you, but also your pet to an experience of joyful equilibrium. If you have a question about how and if a pet healing could help your favorite companion, please call or email me for a free consultation and phone reading. Heart Flame Healing works the same for animals as it does for humans. Your pet will love you for it.


A note from a happy client

Hi Karin,

I’m so worried about my dog, Money. I was playing fetch with him and he just stopped. He let out a cry twice when I approached him and is now limping with some problem in the right rear leg. I gave him some prednisone as he has had problems w his back before. Please let me know if you have any insight or can help him. :(((

Love, Lee-Anne


the next day….

Dear Karin,

Money, our dog is looking so good already!:-) He wags his tail a lot more and more vigorously and there is a spring in his step that went missing. His eyes are brighter and his coat is more vibrant. He also appears to be less stiff and have more mobility. So impressive, really!:-) Thank you very much!


and a day later…

Hi Karin,

I am continually amazed at how significant the improvement in Money is!!! WOW! At his worst on Saturday night, he got up because I was getting a snack (very motivated by food 😉 and realized he couldn’t move at all! He just stood there, looking pathetic and frozen. Then he took 2 steps at a time, stopped and eventually made it back to his crate. 🙁 Bad news! This morning he was jumping up on a desk for a treat and hopping around better than his normal foolish self. When he runs, he looks like a jack rabbit hopping. He was doing that this morning. I’m not letting him walk for more than a block and still keep his collar off in the house. His back muscles are still tight, but def softer than before!He is no longer sensitive when I touch his back. His skin used to sorta jump when I would gently touch him.

Funny, he looks younger too. He came to us from Taiwan, with so much trauma, he always looked like a depressed dog. Not so much since your healing.


Dr. Lee-Anne Gray