Client Stories

In Nov. of 2015, I had a pressure event in my brain that lead to a diagnosis of 3 aneurysms. This event left my body in chaos with experiences of erratic blood pressure, fluctuating electrolyte levels, new borderline thyroid imbalances and severe fatigue that left me bedridden for at least 6 months after the brain pressure event.  Through sheer willpower after 6 months, I made myself get out of bed to take care of my children as best I could, but everything was falling apart — my health, our way of life, our relationships, etc.  In the first 2 years of my sickness, I actually took some occasions to say goodbye to my family, because I truly believed I was dying. In the 3 years after my brain pressure event, I had made numerous trips to the ER resulting in nothing and visited 5 different doctors who pretty much said that nothing was wrong with me, but I should consider anxiety meds. Not being prone to anxiety issues, I couldn’t accept their thoughts on my issues. So, I took things into my own hands and read over 10,000 hours of NIH medical papers to try and figure it out myself. I did a genetic work up to see if the answer was there. I researched gut bacterias and their connections to health and disease. I turned my diet inside out — eating cleaner than I’d ever eaten in my life.  Still I only had modest improvement and was concerned that my body might be failing on me.  My will was what was keeping me on my feet. All I truly wanted to do was sleep.  But I kept praying and crying — asking for God to bring me anything — begging!

Faced with death, I also started looking into spiritual things because new information was coincidentally being brought into my life.  Almost like stepping stones for me to traverse, I got one piece of info, like info on near-death experiences, then, reincarnation & life reviews, then, past life regressions, then, Jesus and the Essenes, and then, spiritual healing by Barbara Brennan.

Near the end of 2018, I began reading the Barbara Brennan books. I was desperately searching for something that would help me, because at that time, my blood pressure was scarily erratic and I was taking 4 types of medicines to keep it under control. I was also still staying mostly at home and not going out alone, because I felt so unstable. I didn’t have blood pressure problems every night, but every time I would have a blood pressure event in the evening, I would text my husband the BP reading and what meds I had to use to get it down.  Sometimes, the blood pressure was very resistant to coming down and those days were scary.  It seemed that my body was having increasingly more BP issues as time went on, and I was taking meds more regularly.  We tracked my BP for about 5 months (pre-healing) with my husband putting the data into a spreadsheet so that we could analyze a graph of the data to see if we could figure things out.  Then in Feb of 2019, I found Karin and started distance healing with her.  My husband and I were shocked to see the dramatic change in my blood pressure events. In the first month of healing with Karin (2 times a week), my BP events were cut in half with regard to severity and my BP events became less frequent than the previous month’s.  I continued to track my blood pressure and my husband continued to spreadsheet the data.  As the months went by, my blood pressure results were getting better and better.  As of now (July 2019) with healing sessions occurring once a week or once bi-weekly, I haven’t had a blood pressure event for a month and a half; and if I do, it’s for one evening usually around my menses, but only sporadic and not every month. Also, at the point I started healing, my weight started finally coming off even though I had been eating the same things for months and didn’t exercise.  So, in my mind, it’s spiritual weight that I was holding.

I feel like I have my life back!  I eventually got my energy back to be able to exercise and can now walk for over 60 minutes on my treadmill.  Before my healings, it was hard to walk 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Anyway, I didn’t expect to be given a gift that came in this type of package, but I am so truly grateful that God answered my prayers. He definitely works in mysterious ways. Karin is an angel who I’m indebted to. Her skills and knowledge helped to bring me back to normalcy, like a dying plant brought back to vibrance. I still have more work to do, but I now have hope and excitement about my future. I’m also filled with so much gratitude at what God has delivered to me after so many tears and prayers for help.  It’s really humbling and I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been before, but admittedly energy healing is not a mainstream topic; so, I’m trying to find my voice in delivering my story to people. It’s so important that others know that they have other options!!  Anyway, it’s been an eye-opening experience as well as fun because I feel I’m really getting the hang of what the universe is doing.  With the excitement of the past 5 months, I’m thrilled to see where I’ll be after another 5 months with Karin. Cheers to the future!

~ Karri L.

Working with Karin has been truly trans-formative for me.

Now 32, I have struggled my entire adult life with a distinct failure to thrive – Throughout my teens I was enterprising and energetic and always saw life as being full of possibility. I always assumed my life would proceed accordingly but when I was 21 a childhood stutter returned out of the blue. Despite my best intentions and a pretty determined spirit to just get on with my life, my life grew smaller and smaller. The stutter cut across all areas of my life – though some contexts were worse than others – with talking on the phone and in purely social situations being very problematic. My personal and professional lives dwindled.

I soldiered on for six years but at age 27 I had had enough and did the only thing available to me – I went on Google in a desperate search for a solution. I eventually came across a therapist who dealt with people who stuttered. I saw results almost immediately with him and blithely assumed I’d be stutter free in a matter of weeks. It turned out to be beginning of a five year journey in which for the first time I examined and struggled to come to terms with a grossly dysfunctional family life during childhood. To put it simply, mommy and daddy never loved me (one is a clinical narcissist, the other an extreme co-dependent).

My speech continued to improve over the five years I was in therapy and I clawed back more and more functionality into my life but it was at the cost of chronic depression and anxiety. I don’t regret that trade as Pandora’s Box needed to be opened and in hindsight, depression and anxiety seem like appropriate responses to the sad issues I was grappling with.

After five years of therapy, I had talked the issue to death and progress had ceased coming. At this point I had gained a lot of functionality in my life but I was very much in survivor mode. I was also left in the bizarre situation of knowing what was wrong and why but not being able to do anything more about it. I once again turned to Google in the hope of finding some new-fangled treatment that might accumulated some sort of scientific credibility. Or something. Anything. I was desperate and just wanted results.

I came across Somatic Experiencing, which deals with trauma on the level of the body (as opposed to the mind). I gave this a go and got some great results – but like therapy, I exhausted its healing powers after a certain time (though on a much quicker timescale).

I was back looking for an answer. Throughout my struggle, I have always felt that there was no possible way that this was how I would live my entire adult life – The way I was felt alien to me and I knew there was a vital, life-loving person inside. This was balanced by the realization that plenty of people go through life burdened by dysfunctional childhoods and never regain their vitality.

A friend of mine had previously told me about a friend of hers who had seen Karin and gotten great results. I initially discounted it as not being for me – it seemed “new-agey” and non-scientific to me. But after somatic experiencing stopped working for me I decided to at least speak with this friend of a friend. She had in fact found enormous healing from working with Karin and her testimonial was enough to persuade me to give Karin a go.

The results have been truly awe-inspiring and life-affirming for me. The first session was especially dramatic. In the midst of reading my aura – which at the time was a novel experience for me – Karin placed her hand on my left abdomen, where at the time I was carrying an awful lot of trauma. I had not told Karin about it, but after a few minutes of her keeping her hand there I got what I can only describe as a profound feeling of relief – a big chunk of trauma breaking away and leaving my body for good. It was amazing and I left that session feeling elated, but more significantly I had regained a significant part of my vitality. Over the course of probably 15 sessions, done in two batches, my body (Karin would probably say spirit) has shed a frightening amount of trauma. Sometimes, it’s similar to that first session where Karin has healed a specific point of trauma in my body (she says they’re astral objects – remnants of traumas from past lives. I’m just happy to be healed) and sometimes it’s more gradual where she’ll work on a certain chakra or energy field and in the coming days I’ll notice a distinct increase in vitality. After many of those sessions I’ve been physically tired for a full day or two or in some discomfort as the trauma exist my body, but it’s a temporary blip that I’ve been happy to undergo to say goodbye to such unwelcome guests.

The cumulative affect of those sessions has been true healing for me. I’ve recovered my life force and I’m very much in thriver mode once again. My speech is near flawless, I’m full of energy and I’m gregarious.  The world doesn’t seem like a negative place and things seem possible. I’m optimistic about my career and I have even forgiven my parents (mommy and daddy never had the opportunity to resolve their own traumas).

Previous treatments I tried dealt with trauma on the level of the mind and body, but Karin’s work deals with it on the level of the spirit and it has been by far the most productive and transformative for me. It’s also been quite a wondrous journey for me as I’ve seen something I was very skeptical about have the most profound consequences in my life.

Thank you Karin!
– Dennis Brosnan

My Healing Experience with Karin Inana Solo:

When I came to Karin, I was experiencing a lot of uncertainty in my life and a feeling of being emotionally fragile and ungrounded.  One of the first things Karin asked me to do was to explain my intention with the healing sessions.  For me, the clearest goal was to find peace in both my past experiences and in the present moment.  I knew that I needed to let go of a lot of past issues so that I could truly learn to love myself, feel secure in my own skin, and to embrace my future.

During my first session with Karin, I immediately felt the power of her healing touch.  Although I wasn’t sad in the moment, I couldn’t control myself from a flood of tears flowing forward within moments of Karin beginning.  It was as if I was releasing years of pain as she was unlocking things inside of me.  I have now seen Karin 10 times and each time has revealed something new and the healing has become more intense.  During the third session, Karin was working on my third chakra and toward the end of the session she detected some past life injury to my abdomen.  What happened next was very surreal for me.  I have been unable to sleep with the lights off when alone since I was a child.  I always have fears of being attacked.  Although I had not expressed this concern to Karin, she detected a past life obstruction in my abdomen that appeared to be from an attack.  Since that session my fears of sleeping in the dark are gone.  I have also lost that constant fear of being attacked.  My dreams are more pleasant too!  Another positive side affect of Karin’s healing has been my ability to feel more comfortable behind the wheel.  For the past 7 years I had experienced anxiety when driving on the freeway and that sensation is gone now.

It was during my 9th session when Karin was working on my 7th Chakra that I experienced the most phenomenal sensation of all.  During this session I went very deep into the healing state.  Although I was still awake I can only describe my state as meditative or trance-like.  While Karin was in the middle of the healing session, I felt like electrical currents were shaking throughout my entire body and I clearly heard many voices inside my head chanting.  When I described this experience to Karin, I learned that I had tapped into the multidimensional assistance team that was helping to heal me.  I had a lot of negative relationships to religion from childhood experiences and this session really helped me to release that and to broaden and grow spiritually.

I cannot say enough about what Karin has done for me and I look forward to continuing my journey with her.

— Tonia Weisner
Director, Client Services

My healing journey and self-discovery with Karin has been one that I will never forget, and I can honestly say that it has changed me forever.
I’ve never been a firm believer of metaphysical healing, but she has made me a convert.

I finally had hit a point in my life were I had to seek guidance for both physical and spiritual healing.  Nothing else seemed to work.  I had discovered the week before my 30thbirthday that I had thyroid cancer.  After 3 painful surgeries within the span of 1 month, I definitely had a lot of residual emotions and trauma from that ordeal.  Although 2 years had passed, I realized that I never allowed myself to mourn this experience and address what I had been really feeling.  I only permitted myself to cry once during diagnosis and moved on as though nothing had happened.  During the surgery, the doctors found that the tumor grew on a nerve that connected to my vocal chords.  I had 3 painful surgeries within the span of 1 month in order to be able to speak again.  Now I was left with throat issues that spanned from tightness in the throat, to difficulty swallowing, and at times difficulty breathing.  As a result of Karin’s sessions, I immediately saw a change – even  the appearance of the scar improved.  My throat opened up and although I still have minor issues I’ve seen a significant improvement.  I’m so ecstatic that I don’t feel as though I have a perpetual lump in my throat, which was a constant daily reminder – up until now.

My healing sessions with Karin have also helped me in so many other areas – such as recognizing the effect that an absent father has made on my life and how it has permeated through my other relationships especially with men.  I now feel empowered and ready to move on to a new chapter of my life.  I did not go into detail on my personal history with my father, but Karin was immediately in tune and felt that there was a deeply rooted issue that needed healing – centering around the absence of a father figure.  She stated that I had internal chords that needed healing.  Barely grazing my body she went to work. I experienced a sensation was one that I will not soon forget; the area she was touching, the location of the cord, became very hot, almost like touching a stove top – and I cried without restraint.  She asked for permission to communicate with my father on a spiritual plane, explained that he was conscious of the connection, but it was more of a way in tapping into his energy.  Karin told me that he was sorry for the way that he abandoned me and the rest of my family.   It was such a release and a truly cathartic event.  I cannot say that I’ve completely forgiven him for everything, but I am on the right track.  I am leaving the trauma of the past behind me and not letting the past relationship with my father define who I am today.

There are so many other extraordinary experiences that I could highlight. I really appreciated everything that Karin has done for me.  She is been supportive, caring, and loving.  Karin has this amazing gift of developing a real connection with you on the physical and spiritual level.  It’s as if she can detect if I’m going through an emotional or difficult experience (by calling or e-mailing me to check in on how I am).   I cannot put a value on what Karin has done for me and I truly feel blessed that she has entered my life.

– Cathy C.
Santa Monica, CA

My healing with Karin

I had an issue involving the lining of my uterus and some irregular bleeding. My regular doctor gave me a drug (that I had a strong adverse reaction to) so that an exploratory procedure could be done.  The procedure, even with this drug, was not possible to perform except under anesthesia, which I opted not to do.
I called Karin for an appointment.  When I explained to her what was going on, she said that a session with her for this issue would more than likely involve spiritual surgery.

Karin began her hands on session with me by working on my thyroid and parathyroid relative to their functions connected to the uterus and what was specifically going on in my body. She began the session at the back of my neck.  She walked me through what was occurring while it was happening, telling me what I would be feeling seconds before I actually felt it, i.e., sensations in the head, etc.

While she was working on the area above my uterus and fallopian tubes, describing what she saw and felt, I in turn felt the release of a certain energy and the tingling sensations of something happening. While in a deep state of relaxation on Karin’s table, I was in what I recognized as a past life experience and was surrounded in the most beautiful light and energy.

At the end of the session Karin described my past life experience of having a stillborn child that I was still energetically and tissue-wise connected to, causing an endometriosis-like condition on my uterus.  In my present life, I have had no children. Endometriosis is one of the things my regular doctor wanted to rule out in the exploratory procedure.

Karin explained to me that a follow up session would be necessary in two weeks time, and that any sexual activity for 3-4 weeks would interfere with the healing process.  In Karin’s follow-up phone call two days after my session with her she explained how my body would be releasing old toxins/energy that I had been holding.  I have been aware of some subtle changes/sensations taking place in the area of my female organs and am honoring the healing that is occurring.  My bleeding stopped within two to three days of seeing Karin.   I have an awareness that something is different.

At the beginning of the second hands on healing session with Karin I mentioned that I thought I had a vaginal infection, which I believed was incurred by taking the drug given by my regular doctor in preparation for an exploratory procedure (which didn’t occur).  Karin confirmed there was a vaginal infection, identified specifically what it was and said she would give me more information about it at the end of the healing session.

Within ten minutes of being on Karin’s table, she said, “here come the instruments”.  Part two of the spiritual surgery involving my uterus was about to begin. Within a short period of time I felt a strong pulsing in the uterus area, like a heartbeat or a kneading sensation.  This went on for quite some time, followed by a light burning sensation.  Soon after I went into a deep sleep.

I know from working with Karin in the past regarding different issues, that when a particularly deep healing is occurring the busy, chattering “monkey” mind needs to be completely turned off to receive the healing, and that a deep sleep on her table is not uncommon.

When I woke up, the spiritual surgery was wrapping up.  I felt so at peace and full of light and also felt a certain fullness in the uterus area. Karin said, “they (the spiritual guides) were right on.  At 3:30 they told me the procedure would take 40 more minutes, and it’s now 4:10.” Whatever healing had been initiated in the previous hands on session two weeks ago had been vacuumed and sealed in this session.

Karin said I might need minerals and specifically identified zinc, calcium and iron. She also advised no sexual activity for 21 days and a follow up session in one month.

I asked Karin if I would be able to do my Argentine tango dance practice that same evening.  She said yes, but to be gentle.

This Argentine tango practice was a most unusual experience. I am just learning tango and the dance is a very difficult one.  In the role of the follower, the female partner has to be grounded and keep her axis of balance.  Balance is key in tango, as well as being able to feel the subtle signals from your partner, and surrendering to not knowing what comes next.

I had no idea, as usual, what to expect that evening.  The male partners I practiced with were all very advanced tango dancers.  But when I began dancing I felt not only more grounded than ever but light as a feather and totally in the flow with my partners – to the point where they started trying some really advanced combinations with me, gently.  All my partners that evening gave a soft and clear lead.   One of my partners remarked how my technique was also much improved yet I hadn’t practiced for ten days. And I was following with ease and grace.  My former shakiness and resistance in heels on the dance floor was gone.

All I know is this:  I just had an intense session with a very special master healer who does deep, laser-like healing; that symptoms relating to a virus and disease had been removed from my body and that I felt aligned and free in my physical frame.

Words cannot describe the knowing that something big has occurred within me, and how grateful I am to Karin and her gift of sight, precision healing and continued dedication to her work in the spiritual and energetic realm of human health and well being.

Two days after this second session with Karin I slept for 12 hours straight. I feel tenderness and a fullness where the spiritual surgery occurred. I know that healing is happening.

It’s been 22 days since my last session with Karin and today I went to my gynecologist for a follow up visit and ultrasound.  My doctor looked at the monitor  showing the lining of my uterus and said, “it looks beautiful!  What have you been  doing?”  I told her that she wouldn’t believe me, to which she answered, “try me.”  I told her I have a friend who does high-level, laser- like healing work with whom I  had two extended sessions of spiritual surgery for an endometriosis- like condition that had been found in the uterus.  The doctor was silent for some time and said, “tell her thank you.”

Karin has been doing healing sessions with me for over three years. With every session I notice her techniques are constantly honed and improved upon, and that the information my body communicates is read quicker and with more detailed precision than ever before.

It’s been one week since my last healing session with Karin. I’m feeling my more of my feminine presence and relaxed pleasure in my body. Karin is a true healer and friend.
— Gayle G., Photographer
Pacific Palisades, CA