What Happens in a Energy Healing Session?

What Happens in a Energy Healing Session?

The duration of a typical energy healing session is 90 minutes. It may run a little shorter or longer, as requested or required. We begin with a dialogue to identify your present complaint, your expectations and your needs. After a brief period of meditation to focus and align with the healing intention, I will start the hands on healing.  Most often, I’ll start at your feet and work upward along the locations of your joints, your energy centers and into the specific areas of your present complaint.


What will I experience during an energy healing? (In person and distance healing

Individual experiences will differ from person to person, depending upon your ability to receive and process high-vibrational frequencies in the form of healing energy. If it is a new experience it may take a few sessions to become fully comfortable with the process. Others may relax into the healing process right away.

During the healing you may be aware of energy shifts and changes as they’re occurring, or you may fall into a deep state of relaxation. Heightened awareness to sensations, thought patterns and emotions are common as release occurs. This may be followed by another period of deep relaxation, peace and usually an awareness of new possibilities. You may either feel tired or energized after your session. In any event, rest is recommended following the session. One hour or more if possible, to help fully integrate the healing. Typically healing continues to unfold throughout the following days.

What can I expect from a healing?

It depends upon the general state of your health before you begin healing sessions. Your healing intention, your ability to assimilate healing energy and your degree of self- care are all factors in how the healing will integrate. Most people experience a tangible difference right away, even during the first session. However, most conditions require a series of sessions to achieve desired, long-lasting results.

A dynamic healing wave is usually created during the first 3 to 4  sessions. This translates into physical, emotional and mental changes that will positively affect all aspects of your life. A wave of positive expansion ultimately reaches places of deeper holding, bringing dark material to the surface and into the light of conscious awareness for eventual healing. At this point, you may perceive that the healing has not yet resulted in the desired effect as you may be dealing with painful emotions and feelings of the past. This is where true healing actually begins. Please remember: it has taken years to create the conditions that your are seeking to heal. Hence, it is important to allow sufficient time for the healing intention to blossom and unfold.

How many sessions do I need and in what duration?

Depending on your present complaint and your healing intention, the number of sessions and the duration will differ from person to person. Please call me for a free consultation. Tel. 310 717 6829

How can I support my healing process between sessions?

You might examine your lifestyle to see if it truly supports you in fulfilling your healing intention. Here are some questions for you to consider:

1.) Do you get enough exercise, and the right kind for you?

2.) Is your diet fully supporting you? Do you need to make adjustments?

3.) Do you get enough rest and relaxation? How is the quality of your sleep?

4.) Are you connected to your passion?

5.) Do you have enough joy in your life and the support of friends or family?

6.) Do you have any unhealthy or addictive habits?

7.)  Are you connecting to Spirit or Source, and how?

8.) How do you relate to yourself? What is you inner conversation like?

What happens while I am on your table?

It’s true… I do my work quietly… while you slip into a state of grace. This is the point of the session, which brings about the state needed for the healing to be fully received and integrated.

However, if you’re still wondering about what exactly occurs in a healing session… here’s a short explanation of the process. Being a clairvoyant and empathic healer I have the ability to see and feel deeply into the physical body and its energetic structure. I am able to recognize a faulty template or a distorted frequency, in other words, a healthy one from an unhealthy one.

A healthy chakra or organ vibrates at a particular frequency; when the frequency is too low, the energetic structure is compromised, either because of trauma or disease. As a result, the chakra or the organ in question no longer functions optimally. Very often this results, at a later stage, in a breakdown of the organ function. Physical pain can be a sign of a faulty energetic structure that is no longer able to support optimal flow of life- force energy, hence indicating a dis-ease in process. Compassionate attention helps to release the blockage. After the release a recharging of the affected area is usually accompanied by clarity, positive sensation and emotions.

I am only partly the source of this energy, mostly I am a clear channel for the healing current to move through. I allow and direct the needed color and frequency into your field, helping to restore a sense of healthy equilibrium.

Simply put, I seek out energetic distortions and remove them from your field; using my hands and fingers as organic lasers I re-organize the energetic template, thereby restoring optimal flow of life-force energy to your body and auric field.
Repeated sessions help your body accumulate and maintain healthy frequency. New and open pathways establish optimum flow of life-force energy, resulting in a Dynamic Healing Wave. An influx of positive life-force energy begins to heal all aspects of your life.