Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

This article is on the healing power of forgiveness, bladder and urinary tract issues and past life healing.

This healing story is my own.  I had been dealing with bladder and urinary tract infections since early adulthood.  The first time I recall having a bladder infection was in my 20’s.  The sudden onset of pain tookme by surprise.  It escalated in intensity and quickly moved from my bladder to my kidneys, making my back hurt with every movement.  I remember going to the emergency room and getting antibiotics.  The medicine worked, however the bladder infections became chronic and problematic in my 30’s and early 40’s.  A sensation in my lower belly, which was a painful bladder contraction of sorts in combination with the sensation of having to pee all the time, tipped me off to yet another episode. Being on a healing path personally and professionally, I had moved away from antibiotics to Radionics (energetic medicine) which helped me quite a bit and for the most part I was relieved to have something that worked. There was however an episode – the last one almost 10 years ago – that is noteworthy for demonstrating the healing power of forgiveness like no other personal healing story of mine.

It started with a particularly bad attack of a urinary track infection, or so I thought.  Experiencing tremendous pain, I could not sit up, lie down or even stand up.  The pain was so extreme that I considered calling an ambulance and going to the emergency room.  That being the last resort, I decided to try everything I knew as a healer and listened to my own advice, which is the kind of counsel I would give to my clients.

I felt the pain without defending against it or trying to make it go away.  I said to my self, ”this pain is information, allow yourself to get the information that wants to be known.”  With that I felt another sensation in my bladder and pelvis.  If I really allowed the sensation, it felt like an unwanted penetration or a rape of sorts.

As I was then living with my fiance who also happened to be clairvoyant (being able to see beyond the normal realms), I woke him up to help me with this situation.  Steven connected with me and looked at my (auric) field with closed eyes.  He told me what he saw.  A group of young men and some boys were standing around, circling an even younger black little girl.  The men were also black.  The scene was Africa, missionary times in a past life.  I could also see the young men around me in a circle and had seen them myself even before I woke Steven.  My fiance related the whole story to me.  The little girl had connected to the missionaries and the gospel they were spreading.  She had visions of the mother Mary and was turning away from village traditions, causing a rift in the village.  The boys or young men wanted to teach her a lesson and raped her every which way, in a tent-like hut away from the village.  They ended the foray by kicking her, laughing at her and mocking her, asking where the mother Mary and the priest were now?  They left her bleeding and half dead, to be discovered by the missionaries.  The girl was seriously injured but survived.  She was cared for and nursed back to health.  She lived out the rest of her life on the mission in service to God but she was never the same.  I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye as she was kneeling in prayer next to her bed.

Usually when a past life reveals itself in such detail, the pain associated with that life relinquishes immediately.  This particular case was a bigger issue of a Time Capsule (a past life event spanning a significant time, with an unresolved conglomerate of a physical, emotional and mental trauma) presenting itself to me.  The pain in my pelvis relented.  Eventually Steven at my asking, went back to sleep.  I knew I had to resolve this at once and with this new insight I had renewed hope.  Still feeling intense waves of pain wash over me, I was wondering what was next?  In my mind’s eye I still saw the girl kneeling by the side of her bed in prayer.  I knew of nothing else to do and I decided to join her at the side of my bed, in my own prayer.  As soon as I did that it became clear to me that I had not yet forgiven the young men and boys for the torture and the rape.  Given the severity of the heinous acts it is understandable that one would not ever be ready or willing to forgive, and there are many who would advise against forgiveness in cases like this one.  However this is not how healing works.  Forgiveness is essential in healing.  To completely heal, to truly erase the trauma of the violence and to move the experience into positive reality, there has to be forgiveness.  Without forgiveness one is left holding the undesired remains of trauma forever, including the pain and the weight of a chronic disease.  Being a healer, albeit young at the art, I knew this important fact.  I decided to forgive.  Holding back nothing I forgave them out loud right then and there.  The effect was an unsurpassed revelation.  The pain that had been so relentless left in all of five seconds and within 30 seconds it was gone completely.  I was asleep within 10 minutes, marveling at the true healing power of forgiveness.  I never had another bladder infection.

Since then I have noticed in working with others that bladder and urinary tract issues are often accompanied by remnants of trauma relating to sexual violation in present and past life.

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