Heart Flame Healing

Heart Flame Healing is a comprehensive healing system designed to provide you with multi-layered support for your health and healing.

The complete program is a journey to self healing. Heart Flame Healing is the energetic blueprint for healing & spiritual transformation through awareness of your Heart & Aura.

Your Aura is vital to your life. The health of your Aura is intimately linked to the health of your body: physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. A breakdown in your Aura will affect the health of your life, and vice versa.

Healing your Aura heals your life, your physical body and relationships.

I have developed the Heart Flame Healing program because I wanted to share the good knowledge of how to heal YourSelf. As a healer I know it is our innate birthright to heal ourselves, but one has to know how.

The Human Aura is our self healing system, it is already there, in place and ready to go- anytime you choose to initiate.  Just as you need to know how to use a computer to go on the Internet, you have to know how the Aura works to access its healing intelligence, and to receive it’s full benefit. When you know how to use the proper commands, self healing can become second nature.

Self healing is easy when you know the system you are working with. Knowledge & commitment to a continued practice over time will yield ultimate healing results. You’ll benefit instantly, as soon as you start practicing the principals of Heart Flame Healing.

I have been practicing the Heart Flame Healing principals for the last 12 years. I enjoy unsurpassed levels of health & wellbeing. I would love to share these blessings with you.

The complete Heart Flame Healing program consists of:

1.) Personal healing sessions (a series of 7 sessions, or more)

2.) Reclaim the Power to Heal YourSelf program levels 1, 2 & 3

3.) Pendulum reading for personal use.

4.) Healing meditation class.

(sessions can also be taken as a private course in person, or by Skype)


  • personal healing sessions assist you in healing what ails you most by removing distortions and blockages from your field.
  • reconnect to a feeling of a healthy equilibrium, which becomes a new orientation of wellness in all areas of your life.
  • enjoy an extraordinary healing experience and connect to a new life opportunity.
  • charge your body and your life with renewed energy.
  • reconnect to your purpose, passion & creativity.

In “Reclaim the Power to Heal YourSelf” you’ll learn the basics of your Aura and Chakra system, how to access and work with it for the purpose of your continued personal healing, and to expand upon your healing results to make them last.

Learn how to use the pendulum, to help you make the right decisions on your healing journey.

Learn how to meditate, to affect your personal healing and benefit instantly.

 “Together we’ll explore the most direct route to your good health, honoring your specific needs and requests.”

I help to initiate the energetic flow between the Heart & Aura, allowing your body and spirit to take the healing deeper by design.

In person or distance healing will aid most conditions, whether you come once or in a series. Private Sessions are a powerful way to begin the journey of self-healing. read more… about the Aura and the Chakra system.