Living In A Healers Body

Many times I get asked by clients and friends, what is it like to live in a healer’s body?

Living in a healer’s body is a different experience from ‘normal’ life in the physical body. It is however normal for me and I tend to forget that other humans don’t have the same experience.

It is not immediately obvious that it takes a strong physical body to do the kind of healing work that I practice. If you could look through a window into my healing room to watch me work you might be bored. I spend a lot of time sitting in one position with my eyes closed, with my hands on my client, only changing my hand positions now and then. However, a lot goes on in my interior and unseen energetic body. High vibrational frequencies are being transmitted from higher realms through my field and body into the client’s Aura and body. The frequencies are constantly changing as lines of light are being rewoven to repair distortions in the field of the client under treatment.

In spiritual surgeries I become a corridor, or a ‘go between’ for other dimensional beings and often entire teams work through me. My grounding needs to be strong, my core and spine fully engaged to hold the changing currents for all that needs to pass through me. My inner mind’s eye must be clear as total focus is essential in order to see the healing in progress.

My nervous system is highly sensitive, I feel, hear and sense things beyond the normal realm. This is the most challenging aspect of living in a healer’s body. As I continue to evolve with my work, I become more and more sensitive. My field, body and nervous system act as a multi feedback system. My nervous system informs me moment by moment when tracking a healing session. This ability to track allows me to witness and feel inside someone else’s body and field.

When in spiritual surgery, I am part of a team. I am then, the physical grounding aspect, allowing the MDAT (Multi Dimensional Assistance Team) to work through me. All of this takes tremendous focus and energy. Sometimes after many sessions, my back and my third eye get tired and I feel drained. But with proper self care I recover easily.

Every job has it’s perks and mine are superb. That is, the healing I do for others I can also do and receive myself. This skill is extraordinary and I am forever grateful for this ability, as it has taught me about personal healing more than anything else.

But not everything that is a perk is always pleasure. My body is my instrument, it automatically reads the template of another to get information on what is needed for healing. Sometimes this information is imparted to me through my body and my advanced nervous system without my asking. Sensations are constantly being transmitted from the client and also non client. At times, while I am standing in line at the grocery store I will feel, momentarily, the pain that another is suffering. But more often it is in relationship to a client. For example, a new client recently called me and set up an appointment to see me. Several days and nights before the appointment I felt as though I had back issues, my lower back felt stiff with pain, even though there was nothing wrong. When I finally saw the client, it was revealed to me that his second chakra in the back, (his sacrum) had gone void and was causing pain and trouble for both of us. Needless to say, I was happy when the client’s appointment finally arrived.

After years of being in the healing arts, I have discovered, that these are empathic traits. Exercise and other aspects of self care help in managing empathic symptoms. One does not have to be a healer to be an empath as many of my clients are empathic in nature. Actually, these sensations and symptoms allows me to track and help others.

Exercise has proven to be a great healing tool for me both personally and professionally. I need it to balance my life, given the fact that I spend so much time in the etheric realms. I have found out that I need extensive exercise in order to be most successful in my work and to be happy in my life.

Thank God, I have loved to exercise all my life. I began to build and prepare my body at age 10 when I joined a gymnastics team and later transitioned to track and field. Now, I hike up mountains and dance on the elliptical at the gym with my iPod. I cannot imagine a life without movement or exercise.

Healthy eating habits came easily as I learned to listen to my body early in life. My family existed on a modest income but our diet was healthy. Junk food and sodas were never a big part of my diet and too much sugar or salt did not make me feel good anyway. At Sunday dinners I traded some of my meat with my brother for vegetables. A good deal for everyone!

At 18 I became a vegetarian which lasted for 7 years. That ended when I got introduced to all the tasty fresh fish in California in my 20′s. I also started eating meat again, but from a different perspective and I was much more selective. Several years after that, I was introduced to raw food nutrition for healing. I lived and taught the raw food, vegan lifestyle for a while before deciding that it was not for me on a full time basis. I value knowing how different foods affect my body, energy and outlook on life.

Through the years I have moved through various lifestyle habits, some good, some not so good. I have now settled into a balanced diet with no particular rules. My body tends to let me know what it needs. Fresh juices are king for me!  I might have a craving for salads, veggies and fruits, and at times also for red meat or fish. I love dark chocolate and red wine. I am not denying my taste for any of it but in general the portions are small. Even so, I will reach for bread now and then when making a special dinner, or going out for a meal, I no longer buy bread on a regular basis as it does not agree with me. Cheese is limited as well as it gives me a runny stuffy nose, along with the bread.

It took me a while to work all of this out as it does for many of my clients. My diet is fluid with no hard and fast rules. I exercise regularly, I might walk, do yoga, go hiking or dancing up a mountain and in summer I may swim in the ocean. I meditate regularly and access my own MDAT team for my own healing sessions. I can tell when I go off balance, but on most occasions I know what is required to bring my self back. At times it is necessary to get help from an outside source and I do heed the call when it comes. The baseline for me is to be and feel divinely healthy.

I know we all have this capacity to balance our body with diet and other supportive habits, but it does take time and experimentation.

Looking back now, I know I have been on a healer’s path all my life. It has been a step-by-step process and in many ways it has been three steps forward and one step back. At times, living in a healer’s body is challenging. But most of the time I am very grateful to have this unique opportunity to help others in ways that are deeply satisfying. I am fortunate to have been able to heed the call of my longing and to move along the path of my inner heart’s dream. It is my honor and pleasure to help others to do the same.

There are many more aspects to write about of ‘what it means to live in a healer’s body’ and more posts are to come. Your questions and comments are welcome!