Invocation: This is an example of a healing invocation that you may want to use before you receive a distance healing, or if you want to initiate a self healing session. Please modify and customize to fit your needs.


I declare this a sacred space for a healing for myself, (your name). 

I ask for truth, love and healing on all levels of being and in particular for this issue at hand (state issue)

I ask for the highest level of healing & I give thanks for the healing I am about to receive.

I welcome and invite assistance and guidance in relationship to the issue at hand.

I give thanks for the presence of my higher dimensional team, their presence, guidance and assistance. 

I turn the healing over to the holy spirit and for the greater good of all.

And so it is. It is done. Thank you, Amen!


Personally, I have used this invocation or something similar for years now, either to initiate my own healing sessions for myself, or for my clients. What makes it stick, is the relinquishing of doubt and the art of receiving. Ask and you shall receive. Enjoy!