Reclaim the Power to Heal YourSelf

This three-level workshop series is an invitation to dive deeply into your Chakras and the levels of your Aura. This series initiates the practice to bring about optimum flow of life force energy to sustain and support you in your life’s quest. Create a strong foundation for your healing intentions by establishing and engaging in practices that truly support, heal and nourish you.


Level 1.) What you will learn.

  • How to connect to your multidimensional support system, called the Auric field; what it is and how it functions.
  • What the Chakras are, how they work and why they are important to the health of your body and being.
  • Explore why the heart center is so important to our health and healing and how to open to your loving heart energy.
  • Find out what you need specifically for your own healing to be successful.
  • Learn about healing movement and breathing practices to support your individual healing.
  • What is multidimensional support? And how can you benefit and access this support system for your specific healing.

This eight-week program is an experiential and energetic teaching, offering a direct experience of your field and Chakra system.

At the end of the Level 1 program you will be able to enlist and work with your multidimensional support system called the Auric field, to affect the health of your body and being in a positive healing way. You will know how to set up and receive a self-healing session.


What students say about this workshop.

“In Karin Inana’s Level 1 class I truly learned that I do have the power to heal myself.  I realized that what she teaches is actually so simple and pure…everyone has the capability of healing themselves.  Karin gave me beautiful tools that I can use in a moment of meditation or while I’m driving the car.  In one class I was able to heal an extreme pain I had in my hand and fingers and I did this on my own.  I find myself using the tools I learned in this class in my every day life and I can’t wait to see what the next level will bring…!”

— Jenna Bari


“I found Reclaim the Power to Heal Yourself workshop to be very energizing!  In the past I have attended many classes and workshops that were health related, but none of them made me feel so good after the class was over as Karin’s did.”

— Ken Biggs


Level 2.) What you’ll learn

Reclaim the Power to Heal Yourself Level 2 is a very exciting course: in Level 1 we present you with the healing tools, in Level 2, you will learn how to apply them, how to deepen your knowledge and how to direct your healing in ways that will have you amazed at your Self and the innate healing ability of your field.

  • Increase the flow of love through your body and your field, maximizing your healing potential.
  • Learn how to work with your own heart energy to affect not only your own healing, but also, how to have a healing effect on others who are in your presence.
  • Deepen your connection to your own guidance and enlist support where needed and desired.
  • Explore the beauty and unity principals and how they relate to your own healing.
  • Increase and stabilize the energetic support of your field by generating more energy through proper grounding.
  • Generate a feeling of well being in your physical and emotional body as you continue to learn what it is that you need specifically in order to balance your system.
  • Increase your ability to initiate a healing session, affecting the energetic structure of your field to allow for more optimal flow of life-force energy.
  • Deepen your higher sense perception, allowing you to see and know the distortions of the subtle energetic structure of your field and Chakras; hence you will be able to direct your healing to remove the distortions specifically.


Level 3.) What you’ll learn

Level 3 is an advanced workshop designed to deepen your knowledge and to refine your self-healing skills.  A practice of advanced meditations will guide you into a natural expansion of your consciousness, facilitating a higher state of being and enhancing your self-healing ability.