Sometimes Illness Reveals Itself As A Gift

Tana, a client of mine, had referred a young woman named Nina to me because she was distraught, scared and in pain. She had, according to what the doctors diagnosed, a severe throat and respiratory infection, which was treated with antibiotics and other medication. When I talked to Nina, she was worried because she had been plagued by symptoms for more than two weeks and was not been getting better in any significant way.

At one point she asked me if she was going to die…

I looked at her field from a distance and could tell that most of her field was shut down and especially her heart chakra front and back. Her lungs were tight and congested (as expected), her throat chakra was closed and the grounding of her first chakra was missing, leaving her anxious.

I could tell that she was suffering, but looking at her from a healers perspective, I knew she would soon be well. She  was simply experiencing a healing reaction. The telltale sign was a closed heart chakra front and back. Even as we talked on the phone, I put my hand over her heart from a distance and I could feel a backlog of old material. Her heart chakra was clogged and started releasing immediately under my hand. It was just enough to reassure her that she was not dying and was going to be okay.

Nina called me a few days later to make an appointment for a healing session…

Nina is a young vibrant woman in her 20’s. One can tell by looking at her that she is a creative and unique individual. She came sporting some tattoos and an interesting unusual hairstyle. I liked her right away.

We spent a little time talking and then proceded to the work on the table. Not long into the session Nina began to release multiple past life traumas from her throat and heart. She had drowned, been hanged and had her throat cut – on and on it went. Obviously she was an old soul who has been around a few times – we joked about that during the session. Nina’s throat got a little better right then and there.

I also restructured her first chakra which was distorted and not fully functional. The restructuring made her feel safe in her body again and more connected to the earth.

I asked her if she had made a major commitment in her life recently and she answered yes! She had made a big commitment two months earlier to follow her longing and her inner heart’s  dream to bring her music into the world. Bingo!

I explained to Nina that ‘her commitment’ was the reason for her throat infection which came seemingly out of nowhere. In making a commitment to follow her inner heart’s dream, everything that was limiting the fullfilment of her longing was coming up to be cleared. These traumatic past life experiences surrounding her throat were not supportive of a singing career.

As Nina put her stake into the ground, so to speak, she cleared the way for her healing to begin. The unrelenting throat infection tipped her off to the fact that there was more going on than just the physical manifestation. By the time she left, Nina felt more grounded and happy about the emerging possibilities of her life. I was excited for her as well. I told her that things might be topsy turvy for a while, as they often are when healing is initiated.

I talked with Nina a few days later to see how she was doing. She told me that after her healing experience she was on a high, her throat more open and her singing more confident. Several days later some emotions surfaced for her that were difficult to contain or explain. I reminded her of the fact that she was at the beginning of her healing journey and a period of detoxification would continue to clear the various layers of her field.

She then asked for greater clarifiction. I explained more about the concept of ‘the longing’ and ‘the inner hearts dream’ and gave her a supportive question to place on her mirror…


“How can I best support myself in fulfilling my longing or inner heart’s dream, at this present moment”?

Nina initiated her Hara by allowing her inner heart’s dream to take center stage in her life and to make it her priority. By following her longing, all that was not in alignment had to reveal itself to be cleared.

“Illness Ultimately Reveals Itself As A Gift On The Journey Of Healing”

My next post will be about the Hara line.