What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is initiated when we call upon and evoke specific aspects of God or the Divine to help us heal. Through sacred invocation or ritual, we are able to tap the great mysterious Source, the genius of God, or the compassionate loving nature of the Divine Mother.  The Angelic Realms, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are living light aspects of God, or the unlimited Source, from which all things springs forth.

A spiritual healer is in relationship with this Source energy and familiar with the Divine. By connecting with the Divine Essence of the self and the outer aspects of the Divine, a spiritual healer is able to summon assistance of the living light aspect of God, at will.

Spiritual deities transcend religious boundaries and can be called upon by anyone and across all cultures, provided one knows how to make contact.

Spiritual healing is a diverse language as there are many forms of spiritual healing. A simple prayer can be a type of spiritual healing.

Being a spiritual healer myself, I work through the all-supportive system of the Human Aura. The Aura, or the Human Energy Field (HEF) is the link between the human body and the Spirit. The Spirit is the enlivening factor of the body, the thing that gives it animation.

Our vital life force energy is intimately connected to our Spirit, which is our individual connection to the Source of All. The Aura is the system by which the Spirit is linked and anchored into the human body.

Working within the Aura or the HEF is a specific modality of spiritual healing that is precise and laser like in it’s approach. Aura healing taps Universal Life-Force Energy and encourages optimal flow in and through the structures of the Human Energy Field, hence supporting natural health and healing.

The heart is at the center of our human being and most significant to the success of spiritual healing. The heart center serves as a bridge – negotiating energy flow between physical and spiritual realities; which are in fact naturally not separate, but part of a whole, united in the human energy field (HEF.) When the heart center is distorted or closed, mostly because of relationship trauma, which can include relationship with Divine Source, the whole system suffers and declines over time.

A spiritual healer works with intention, by connecting to the Divine and commanding specific energetic frequencies into the area of concern. This work can be done over any distance.

In all my healing sessions, private, personal, or distance healing, I contact this unlimited Source while working with and through your Aura. The spiritual surgeons who are often assisting, are living light aspects and are an expression of the absolute generous nature of the Divine.