I have enjoyed a deep sense of peace, security and significant healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually since meeting Karin in early December. She has also helped me to be much more self aware. She’s intuitive and I trust her. She is profound in her suggestions and guidance. I was drawn to her upon a chance meeting a year ago at a dinner party. A year later, after 10+ years of physical pain and 45 years of emotional anguish when western medicine and many other forms of alternative medicine were not working, I thought of Karin. She understood my plethora of “issues” quickly. At 50 years old and no obvious signs of disease, I was 95% incontinent upon our first session. This was not just stress incontinence and I have a bladder sling that is 5 years old. While I was never 100% after the sling, I was completely active and functioning normally. One day, it just quit working and had nearly no control. The Urologist couldn’t diagnose the issue and couldn’t help me at all. Within 3 visits with Karin I was better than I had been in 15 years!! Nearly perfect! That lasted for 1 1/2 months and I’ve had a few setbacks, but what I’ve learned about myself in those setbacks has been powerful. I’ve embraced the setbacks because I’m becoming more and more self aware and taking more control in my own healing with Karin’s guidance. In addition and even better than not being incontinent is how joyful I’ve been. The healing with my attitude has been quite noticeable to those close to me. I’m also noticing improvement in my sleep and a decrease in my anxiety level. We are now just getting to the more severe physical issues, but I’ve had a decrease in that pain level as well. I’m patient now and I enjoy my time immensely with Karin because I learn so much from her each time we’re together. I’m very grateful everyday at the dramatic improvements in my life. It all started with Karin.
Carri Bender, Vice President Bender Benefits

When I meet Karin, I had been physically ill for 20 years. Over a dozen different medical doctors had diagnosed me with various chronic diseases which effected my entire body and mind. Years of researching treatments eventually led me to Karin’s practice. My first session with her changed my life, beautifully. The depression I had suffered for years was suddenly gone. We have continued to work together over the past several weeks and my experience of living in this body is being completely transformed. I have never been so happy or so strong. The chronic pain that often crippled me has been steadily decreasing for weeks, mentally and emotionally I feel clear and free.

As Karin say’s, we would like the healing path to be straight and upward on our graph of life, but the line is not straight. There are low points on that line, along it’s upward trend. I am grateful that, during those low points, when I have questions or anxieties about my healing process, Karin is there to support me with advice that brings me peace. Looking back at the journal that I have kept since we began working together, I am shocked at how many changes my body and psyche have undergone – shocked because the process is remarkably gentle and enjoyable. I highly recommend Karin Solo as a healer and grateful that her kindness and talent has colored my life.

Sarah Wallace

Working with Karin is a pleasure. She has been key to my physical health and spiritual growth. I have worked with many great healers and I can confidently say, Karin is a master healer. Years ago, after a shoulder surgery to repair my rotator cuff, Karin worked with me to help the recovery. Consequently, I healed significantly faster then predicted by my doctor. Through the years, we have worked together on my energetic body. Karin has taught me also, how to work with my own aura, so that my body and spirit hum at a level of optimal health.

Recently, I was feeling physically fatigued due to major personal and work stresses. In one distance healing session Karin worked her magic. I went from feeling exhausted with little energy for anything other than work and sleep, to feeling energized and inspired even after work.

If you desire optimal health, I highly recommend that you work with Karin. You will feel as blessed as I do.

Heidi Funk
Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Tel. 310 663 2397


Karin Inana Solo is a rare gem!

Karin’s knowledge and reach is beyond medicine; she has an innate understanding about how the physical body heals and what it needs to balances itself energetically. Karin’s shared access into the multidimensional healing realm have awakened my own self-healing abilities and illuminated my understanding of the mind-spirit-body continuum. She is a gentle yet powerful force to turn to for physical problems, and has also helped me to thrive in general! I have been supported by Karin’s healing presence for the last 5 years. She is a dear friend and fortunate for me, she is on my healing team.

Greta Hassel
MFT, Intimacy Coach, Santa Monica, CA


Karin Solo is a one of a kind healer.

She has profound knowledge and insight in the interconnectedness of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Her presence provides a safe and judgement free environment for one’s healing.

When I first met her I was suffering from unusually high blood pressure. Over the course of a couple of sessions we discovered that I was suffering from a broken heart. I had gone through a serious break up two years before. This experience trigged the memory of heart aches which I had experienced in other lives, some with physical consequences such as heart attacks. Karin provided the structure for the energetic relief and guided me to release the emotional pain of the old and present memories. My blood pressure returned to normal.

Through the years Karin many times, has either predicted or confirmed the medical diagnosis of physical ailments of mine. Due to my travel schedule often from a distance, without being in the same room, state or continent for that matter. She has become an important port of my well being as I move through the adventures of life.

I wish everybody could experience her insights and her healing abilities.

J. Schaefer, Los Angeles


I feel Karin is truly a gifted healer. When I first called Karin I didn’t know what to expect. She did an initial reading to assess what was going on and I was surprised how accurate she was. During one session she told me my left Fallopian tube was blocked. I never told her this. I had a test a few years back that confirmed what she saw.

I have never felt so protected as I did during the healing sessions. I felt so many different things and saw many images in my mind. I was able to ask her questions at any time which made me feel very comfortable. She helped me release images I was seeing that no longer served me, and she helped me to process them.

I was blown away by how much I physically felt in my body during the sessions, even though I was on the telephone across the country on the east coast. I realized the physical distance didn’t matter.

I feel so much lighter than I did before the sessions and am incredibly grateful to Karin for sharing her gifts with me.

I feel like I am a different person now – grounded, focused, and able to speak up for what is right for me without needing the approval of others around me. I have more energy and this knowing that everything is exactly as it should be. I feel I am at peace now.

Thank you Karin from the bottom of my heart!!


Syracuse, NY


“Thank you Karin for your wonderful, caring healing work. You are truly amazing!

When traditional doctors wanted me on steroids for breathing issues, you opened up my airways! When I suffered from knee pain, you relieved it! And when my lower back acts up, you once again take it away! I’m so grateful for your masterful healing presence. Thank you always.”

Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.
Author of “The Power of Your Child’s Imagination”


Karin Inana Solo is one of the most amazing healers of our time.

I am fortunate to be able to receive healing sessions from Karin. She has helped me with numerous health issues and through spiritual/emotional challenges.
Once, Karin helped me avoid surgery by repairing a blocked parotid gland- when I was ordered to have surgery, but her worked helped me avoid the surgery with complete healing!
Karin also helped me repair my libido, which was completely flat! After one session I am restored to the youthful vigor of my 20’is (I’m 54).

This year, Karin helped me heal lower back pain, and what a relief that is!
She and her work have been part of my healing team- which I believe we all need. I highly recommend Karin for all healing matters!

Dan Bienenfeld
Structural Integration Author & Teacher


Karin is a true master. I have never experienced anything more powerful and life changing than her long distance healing – except maybe the birth of my daughter!

Over the course of just three months I have released so much trauma through her long distance healings that I feel like a different person now; lighter, more evolved and more on my true path as a healer myself.

Karin is a gifted clairvoyant and was able to tell me about the past life trauma I was releasing, and she related the root causes of different pains I was experiencing. Her words were deeply resonant and reassuring as the transformation was challenging at times! She is like a rock to me, or better to say an angel; healing, guiding, reassuring and supporting me during this profound shift in my health and consciousness.

“I was so amazed by her skills and energy that I felt obliged to share her with my family & friends. Karin did healings on my mother, husband and best friend”.

My mother, who had skin cancer, was having her nose reconstructed for a second time (after several botched surgeries). Thankfully this time the graft took hold with Karin’s help – much to the amazement of the doctors who had almost given up hope. Now mum has a beautiful pink nose instead of a deformed one. My mother’s belief system has subtly changed as well, she now embraces energy healing as a valuable option, which amazes me as she has always been a total skeptic about such things!

After Karin’s first healing with my best friend, she came out of a depression, quit her job, decided to move cities and create a happier life for herself. The change in her is remarkable, after just one healing!

Karin has helped my loved ones and I through the most challenging times of our lives, and we are grateful in ways that words cannot express. I for one I feel truly blessed to have such an angel in our midst.

Andrea R. NY


Karin is a master of healing and offers amazing results in even a short amount of time. She confidently addresses pain, old injuries, and traumas of past life while grounding the whole being. Karin embodies loving support.

Thank you,

Susan Losonci

818-419-8947 cell

818-540-4053 off


We can not express the depth of our gratitude we feel for Karin and her gift of healing.

Through her amazing ability she has pulled my mother through her illness. We are truly convinced that she has saved her life! Although the journey ahead is still arduous we will be walking with Karin by our side. With our heartfelt appreciation.


Karin Inana Solo is a Master Healer with compassionate hands of light. 

She has been my Spiritual Healer for four years, and I have experienced most of my healings in person, in her healing room.  I am moved by the immense capacity of heightened consciousness and spiritual guidance I have experienced “on the table” during my healing sessions.

Yet, I have recently experienced a number of long distance healings, which I have found to be equally as powerful.  It actually feels as though I am on the table in her healing room, and I can sense Karin’s presence for the entire duration and experience of the healing, while miles away.  There exists an unspoken, energetic communication similar to that of the communication during an in-person healing.

I highly recommend long distance healings with Karin, if it suits your schedule.  Thankfully, I find the in-office healings and the long distance healings to both be equally as accurate and equally as beneficial.  Karin is a beautiful being, for whom I deeply respect and love.  She is an exceptional spiritual being gifted as a healer of the human energy field.

I am so grateful that my frequent traveling has not prevented me from having my healing sessions, thus benefiting from Karin’s healing beauty,which radiates from her essence like golden sunshine.

— Elizabeth TenHouten, Beverly Hills Ca.

Author, Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin — Editor-in-Chief, Celeb Staff Magazine — www.elizabethtenhouten.com


Karin, you are amazing because I feel completely back to normal! I feel healthy and full of energy. I really did feel it when you were at my feet…so incredible! Thank you so much again…from the bottom of my heart! I am filled with gratitude to you.

— Lovely: Vitality Institute, Beverly Hills


My background as a physician-scientist and a medical intuitive/energy healer, puts me probably in an advantageous position in terms of being able to evaluate Karin’s work. I have known Karin for almost 10 years and was able to observe the significant progression of her abilities as an energy healer, and the evolution of her career as a respected energy healer in the Southern California area.

I personally have experienced a series of sessions with Karin and also referred friends and family to her. I witnessed Karin’s purity of intention and accuracy of technique.The results of my sessions with Karin were ranging from a remarkable improvement in my overall physical and emotional health, level of energy, vitality and general well-being to the awareness of the purpose of my life and my life’s work. Karin played a significant role in my  evolution as a medical intuitive by generously and sincerely encouraging me. Thank you very much, dear Karin!

Dr.Liliana Cerepnalkoski                                                                                                                  Medical Intuitive, Los Angeles


Dear Karin, how can I thank you well enough for your immense help for my daughter Shira as well as my husband.  You are truly blessed with Great Connections on High.  We feel privileged to know you. My dear husband Joshua is doing so much better since your treatments.  He now walks with me in our beautiful forest next door every morning for more than an hour.  New creative ideas about his counseling-coaching training center are springing forth, with enthusiasm and greater endurance for all the

responsibilities of directing this school.  Since your first treatment after his heart attack two years ago, he lost more than 60 pounds, by following a pure diet and walking.   He wants to be even lighter.  May you be blessed always with the highest and best from the Infinite Source of Life and all Good.  May you feel loved and cherished always.  May your magnificent work become ever more powerful and blissful.

— Liliane Aura: Jerusalem


Yesterday before the treatment my dad was very tired and very unhappy.Today he is in high spirits, went for an hour- long walk.  My mom says that his happy mood is harmonious and reflecting positively on her as well.  She says to please tell you that she’s very grateful to you.

— Shira in Jerusalem 09: Distant healing client


 Karin’s deep healing work is the result of her extensive background, education, experience and innate gifts. Karin’s work is like the digital photography of healing: you see and feel the results instantly.  An hour and a half session with Karin identified and shifted my deepest energetic stumbling blocks.  She performs spiritual surgery with clear vision and precision that’s most profound.

— Gayle Goodrich: Photographer Pacific Palisades


 “I was healed at the workshop and I am also healing myself!!!   Your workshop opened a door for me in which I felt the spirit of healing come in.  I felt a level of love and a profound high contact I had not felt before.  I feel I learned and grew on multiple levels.  I have not had any numbness in my left arm since after your workshop!  What a miracle!  I have been doing extremely well and I am feeling really healed. Answers to many questions came as a result of this profound and joyful

experience.  I feel I am walking on solid ground, even though my spirit is flying high!”

—T. Schmidt (Artist, Healer, University Instructor)


“In Karin Inana’s Level 1 class I truly learned that I do have the power to heal myself.  I realized that what she teaches is actually so simple and pure…everyone has the capability of healing themselves.  Karin gave me beautiful tools that I can use in a moment of meditation or while I’m driving the car.  In one class I was able to heal an extreme pain I had in my hand and fingers and I did this on my own.  I find myself using the tools I learned in this class in my every day life and

I can’t wait to see what the next level will bring…!”

—Jenna Bari


“I want to express how grateful I am to have you in my life.  The experiences I have had in your presence have been some of the most powerful ones in this lifetime.  I am hopeful that a way will present itself so that we can continue with the next level without delay.  Your light and energy has set me on a path, which I am devoted to.”

— Kristine Robinson


“Karin’s gift as a healer is incredible.  She has helped to heal my body and my spirit in ways that are amazing, yet very real.  I had been dealing with severe kidney pain for month before I came to see Karin.  I had tried everything that had been recommend to me by medical and other health professionals, nothing helped.  After only two sessions with Karin the pain in my kidney was almost completely gone.  Her ability and her loving touch will always be remembered.  My words cannot fully express my gratitude.”

— Gail Bowen (Hair Specialist)


“Words can’t express the depth of my gratitude for Karin’s amazing healing abilities.  She is an angel on earth!  I first came to her shortly after a near death experience that left my body ravaged and my soul shaken to the core. Within a few sessions, not only am I recovering rapidly on all levels of my being, the insights that come to me during each session are extraordinary and life-altering. Karin heals with compassion and unconditional love which are both exuded by her presence.

Each session with her brings me closer to the true essence of my being as layer upon layer of debris is removed from my energy field.  My mind is clearer, my body is stronger and my soul wants to sing.”

— Vienna Collins (Author & Healer)


“Working with Karin is an extraordinary adventure.  I have known and appreciated her work in a variety of facets, including energetic bodywork, nutrition and yoga over 10 years now.  When I evaluate my professional relationship with a provider of service, I look to see how I have improved while in their care.  Here are a few things I can point to:

1. Clearer thinking and an improvement in my ability to make decisions.

2. A decisive abatement in physical complaint. (I had some serious injuries due to a fall.)

3. An improving ability to identify and respond to my souls need.”

— Valerie Ann Kirkgaard, Ph.D. & MFCC (retired)

(Radio Host & Producer)


“Since working with Karin my energy level is 100% higher; I’m more grounded and centered.  My hair stooped falling out.  A friend noted that I was now ‘glowing’.”

— Loren Meiner

(Vice President Kirkgaard Media Group, Financial Advisor)


“The unconditional love that I feel in Karin’s presence — through her listening, her wisdom, her touch — has created a space for true healing and opening in my life.  Any one of these gifts would be well worth seeing her — the combination is a blessing.”

—  Carol Steinberg (Artist & College Art Instructor)


“Karin is able to align your being with the deep elemental space of the cosmos.  From this primordial space, your essence then emerges through cellular memory, through your heart and into your being.  Revolutionary!

She is extraordinary — a gifted intuitive healer.”

— Lita Albuquerque (Artist)


“I just wanted to drop you a note to  offer my appreciation and thanks for assisting me in  turning my life around. My experience with your energy/healing work has been  very exciting!  My sessions with you have helped me  live my life in a calmer manner, and given me the energy  to adapt to the stresses of my job.  I have notice a new alignment of my spirit and body which has enabled  me to live my life more effectively as well. For example; I am not as “overly sensitive,” I  am less reactive, and I’m kinder and more patient with myself and others.  It’s just a lot easier for me  to remain “at peace

and centered,” no matter  what is going on around me.  I also seem to maintain a level of wellness which is protecting me  against the seasonal colds and flu which I usually get;  life just seems easier now. I know my good results will not only continue, but  increase, reaching every hidden physical, emotional and spiritual blockage I am not even aware of.  I am as  excited and confident to share my experience with

others, as you were when you first told me about what  was possible. This has truly been one of those  life-altering experiences which only come a few times in  one’s life.”

— Steven  C.


“For  the past twenty years I have been a practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration.  I have also served as the co-director  of the Los Angeles Healing Arts Center. Throughout this time I have experienced many incredible healing  methods, both in my center was and in my personal research.   Our center was founded 17 years ago with the vision to bridge  alternative and allopathic medicine.  As the years go by, I am  more and more convinced that disease and disharmony of the mind and body that lead to illness are a function of an imbalance and a disruption of the Human Energy Field.

I have found through my own experience that of the healing methods  that are really effective (and long lasting methods) change the  energy field into a whole and cohesive structure that allows a  greater flow of life-force energy.  As a leader in the  field of  alternative medicine, I feel this is where the  future of medicine is headed. I have recently experienced a remarkable Energy Healer.  Her  name is Karin Inana Solo.

I personally have been dealing with  a chronically painful and swollen left salivary gland.  After  consulting specialists, I thought I would need surgery.  The  problem has cleared after a few sessions with Karin.

Karin is highly skilled and personable in her approach.  Her  methods are unmistakably effective in healing specific physical,  mental or spiritual issues.  I recommend Karin highly to you,  my friends, family and clients.”

— Dan Bienefeld (Co-director of  The Los Angeles Healing Arts Center)


“This is the most profound release of tension I have ever  experienced. The sessions with Karin leave me in a very deep  calm and peaceful state of awareness.”

— Dan C. (Financial  Advisor, Southern California Edison)


“At my session with Karin I felt my energy come back to the  center.  I am now experiencing my own greatness, the greatness  of my own unique being.”

— Norman Wolfe (Vice-President  of Operations, Select University Technologies, Inc.)


“Karin’s  work heals on many levels including physical,emotional and on a deep  soul level.  Karin worked with me after I had shoulder surgery,  her work helped me move through my pain and connected me to my own  ability to heal myself.  I went from severe pain to calm and  peace.”

— Heidi Funk

(Corporate  Consultant, Electronic Data Systems- “EDS”)


“These are some of the most spiritual and unique experiences I  have had.  Karin’s sessions helped me release negative  emotion that previously impacted on me in my relationships and daily  life.  Now I am calm and at peace with myself and others.”

— Schalla (Hypnotherapist)


“Karin’s  gift is rare indeed.  In session, my surrender to  Essence is straightforward and immediate – the still  point no further away than the palm of her hand.”

— Dr. Steven  Hinkey, D.C. (Chiropractor,  Teacher & Healer)