The Aura and the Chakra System


The Aura is the bio energetic field surrounding every living thing and being. The Human Aura can be seen and felt, especially by those who have knowledge of it and are trained to work with it. The layperson can see the Aura as well.
In general we respond to the Aura of others quite naturally. We may say, this person is dark, or this one has a lot of light. We can see when our best friend is in love by the expression on her face. And we can also feel the Aura by emanation, or the “vibe” a person is giving off.

The Aura is our sensitive energy body. When the Aura is trained or activated, we can see and feel beyond the normal human realm of perception. In healer’s language, it is called HSP, higher sense perception. That is how healers, or sensitives can see, or feel distortions in the human energy field.
The Aura is as alive as we are at any given moment. It has color, intelligence and memory beyond our conscious memory. The Aura holds within itself the mystery and memory of who we have been in other lives.
The Human Aura actually contains the physical body and governs all of its functions. It is through the Aura, that the Spirit, or life-force, grounds itself and becomes physical. The Aura is the template in physical reality for the creation of the body. It is the blueprint for all that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is made up of structures and layers which consist of pulsing lines of light, and a cloud like colored substance that flows freely when healthy. All 7 layers are interconnected and in communication with each other and have very specific separate functions.

The Aura is the living temple for our multi dimensional Spirit being, including the physical. As such, it is more alive then the physical body.
When we die, we transition out of the physical and aspects of the Aura continue the journey, including the memory of our sacred human heart. At the time of death the Aura completely disconnects from the physical body; it is then that the body begins to decompose. However, the Essence of our Being continues the journey into unseen aspects of existence.

An approaching illness can be seen in the Aura before it fully manifests in the body. As such we can be active in the creation of our own Aura, it’s structure, color and frequency, which creates the wellbeing we desire.

The Chakra System is an integral part of the Aura.
Traditionally there are seven chakras that are said to make up the major Chakra system. However, this is only true if we don’t take into account the back aspect of a major Chakra. Each Chakra has a front and a back aspect.
The are the organs of the energy body. Chakras are subtle energetic structures with specific functions. They are alive, can change shapes, open and close like a flower. The desired state for a Chakra is to be open and to spin clockwise, (when looked at from the front).
Chakras are a living structure that can be damaged or distorted by trauma, which can limit or eliminate vital flow of prana. A distortion in a Chakra will affect the health of the body. This can be noticed immediately by the energetically sensitive person, or go unnoticed until there is physical fallout, weakness or pain.
The Chakra’s structure allows for energetic respiration, or prana, to the governing area. Each Chakra governs a specific area in the body, including mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
For example, the front heart chakra, at the center of the chest, governs the physical heart, the lungs, the thymus and the love energy in relation to others.
The back of the heart governs the thoracic spine and the medial aspect of the shoulder blades. The front aspect of the heart chakra tells us about the quality of love we are extending to others and life in general. The back tell us about our willingness to be loved by others.
A telltale sign of a closed heart chakra is continual criticism of others. Physical heart issues are always accompanied by a distortion of the heart chakra. Asthma and other lung issues are also related to heart chakra distortions. A closed heart chakra in the back, in the area of the shoulder blades indicate that one may carry too much of a burden without allowing loving support from others.
A distorted or damaged chakra can be brought back to full function quite easily by restructuring. This can be done either by a trained healer, or, over time, you can learn how to do this yourself.

The Seven Major Chakras: Primary System
First Chakra: located at the perineum, opening toward the feet and into the ground.

The ultimate promise and opportunity of the first chakra is the celebration of spirit in the flesh. It is for us to fully enjoy being alive in our body, on earth, with all this life has to offer. The highest manifestation of the first chakra is a full realization and connection with its counter part, which is the seventh chakra. This is a marriage made in heaven and lived on earth, completing the promise of the fully realized Aura and Chakra system. The first chakra helps to ground us in physical reality, it provides the energetic link between the earth and the human body, facilitating a symbiotic exchange and a flow of energy that is mutually supportive. The first chakra enlivens our experience with heightened sensation, taste and smell. When it is fully functioning we tend to feel calm and trust in our relationship with life, knowing we are life itself and supported as such. The first chakra governs our legs and spine with stabilizing earth energy, it also supports our nervous system, kidneys and adrenal function. With a healthy first chakra we are in tune with our body, knowing when and what to eat or drink, when to rest and what kind of exercise will suit us best. Then, we are in positive relationship with our human body and the earth, trusting our selves to make the right choices and enjoying life’s fecundity. A distorted first chakra will compromise, diminish and dull our ability to sense and feel.

The Second Chakra is located in the lower belly and sacrum in the back. The promise of a healthy functioning second chakra front and back, is self love and the enjoyment of one’s own creation fueled by plenty of positive life-force energy. The hallmarks of a healthy second chakra are contentment when resting and being energized while actively pursuing one’s creation. The front aspect of the second chakra lends emotional quality to the experience while the back aspect cheers on with quantity of sexual, creative life-force energy, supplying Mojo for the task. In women, the front aspect of the second chakra rules over procreation with the quality of receptivity and in males, the back aspect rules physical creation with quantity of vital sexual life-force energy, ensuring success by providing more. Physically the front of the second chakra governs the reproductive system, the large intestine, the bladder and urinary tact. The back aspect of the second chakra rules over the sacrum and lumbar spine. Lower back pain is the most common result of this distortion. The second chakra is about our emotional relationship with our self, when fully functioning and in harmony with the rest of the field, we enjoy the good feelings of being our Self. A natural experience of a healthy second chakra is Self Love!

The Third Chakra is located at the solar plexus and has your vital organs humming in harmony with each other, supporting good digestion, a healthy sense of belonging. The quality of our thoughts are governed by this chakra as are our belief systems and human truth. Any complaints in the organs governed by the third chakra like the liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, spleen and small intestine can be traced back to a malfunctioning third chakra. When the third center is functioning well, we tend to enjoy our uniqueness with confidence while appreciating the same in others. When out of balance we either overpower with a sense of an overblown ego personality, or we might shrink away from challenges because of a lack of confidence.

The Heart Chakra at the center of the chest, our Fourth Chakra is all about love. Giving, receiving and being. It connect us to the truth of our being in time and eternity. The heart chakra governs our physical heart, the lungs the thymus and also the longing for our souls fulfillment. The heart connects us to our emotional feeling body and is intimately related to the second and six chakra, all of which are love chakras. A telltale sign of a closed heart is continued relentless criticism of others or the world, usually combined with a lamenting of ones own reality. When the heart chakra is open we are open to life, love and creation and miracles happen. The heart is the gateway into the quantum reality of the multidimensional nature that is our true being.

The Fifth Chakra, also called the throat Chakra governs our will, as well as our relationship with divine will. The fifth chakra is quite complex and has many functions. Physically, the front aspect governs the thyroid, throat, voice box and the upper esophagus, while the back aspect governs the cervical spine. How we use language to speak our reality into being determines in part the state of the fifth chakra. It is the negotiating link between heart and head and serves to balance our will with divine will and the greater good for all. Our relationship with authority is reflected in the use of the fifth chakra, as well as how we relate to others and our self. Common issues with the fifth chakra include thyroid problems, neck pain or stiffness, any kind of throat complaints, difficulty swallowing or vocal expression. A blocked fifth chakra might keep us from expressing our feelings, not voicing our wants and needs and therefore creating an inability to receive. Hence we might be living in a (self created) world that never seems to feed us, living in a perpetual state of want. Being able to voice or wants and needs is the first step to receiving. The motto of the fifth chakra is; ask and you shall receive.

The Six Chakra, or the third eye connects us to our inner and outer vision, it is how we project our personal and unique vision onto the screen of life. The third eye governs the left eye, the pituitary, the frontal lobe of the brain and our thinking. It’s about perception, evaluating and decision making. But the six chakra is also a love center connecting us to our divine and even celestial nature. Here beauty, nature, poetry, art and music enrich our lives and create a doorway to experience a greater than human, universal love. Remember the last time you have been in awe by the magnificence of nature or been touched by a particular beautiful piece of music or poetry? Did it not lift you out of ordinary consciousness into an experience of greater reality connecting you to God or Source? When the sixth chakra is closed or distorted, our thinking is not clear and we may not be able to see the option of an elegant solution. With an open, fully integrated third eye we can connect to the bigger picture and even feel the magic in our life.

The Seventh Chakra is the crowning glory through which knowledge, insight and wisdom is imparted directly and in detail. It goes beyond intellectual knowing and reaches into the unlimited god realm, or Source of All. Physically the seventh chakra governs the brain, the pineal gland, the nervous system and the right eye. (The left eye is governed by the sixth chakra.) With a blocked or closed seventh chakra we are cut off from our god given greatness of our true nature, disconnected from source and not clear on our purpose.

The Secondary Chakra System
Besides the primary chakra system, there is a secondary chakra system of smaller chakras, governing and supporting all of the joints and the organs in the body. Wherever there is a joint there is also a chakra helping the joint to function properly. In my practice when someone presents a joint complaint, like knee or shoulder problems, I always check the supporting chakras first. 98% of the time the chakra governing the area of complaint will be distorted or has gone void. The secondary chakra system can be restructured just like the major chakra system.
All chakra structures are made up of lines of light and alternately filled in with a cloud like gaseous substance, very much like the Aura.