Walking as a Healing Practice

Walking as a Healing Practice

 Let the earth be you partner in healing. The earth is a living being in partnership with all other living beings. This partnership can be especially supportive in terms of energy healing. Have you ever noticed how relaxing and refreshing a walk can be? Has a walk ever made you feel more alive, awake and happy, or even inspired you? My answer to those questions is Yes Yes Yes! Walking to me is magical, rejuvenating and healing. I love to walk, especially up hill.  “Please don’t hate me because I love to walk hills and mountains”.  I love the way it gets me breathing, out of my head and into my legs. I enjoy the feeling of the earth underneath my feet and the way nature’s beauty opens my heart, every time. I don’t think I ever have regretted going on a walk. But I am likely to lament a missed opportunity to connect with myself and mother earth on a particularly beautiful day, because an important or not so important call, got the better of me.

Walking is one of those simple and richly rewarding joys. It makes you
feel good; is just so good for your health and can be healing in and of
it self. It cost nearly nothing, except for a good pair of walking shoes
and the proper weather attire. Really, most of us have a pair of shoes
that are comfortable enough to take a walk in; and if you are so lucky
to live near a beach, well- then you might not need shoes at all. If you
happen to live in a city or small town, a walk in your neighborhood
might be just as much fun. You might enjoy looking at houses, front
lawns and gardens. I enjoy beautiful buildings, and people watching too
is always an interesting past time while walking in the city.

The health benefits of walking are obvious, aiding circulation,
inspiring breathing, speeding up the metabolism and waking up the brain.
The benefits are hailed and talked about in detail by countless health
professionals. Julia Cameron author of “The Artist Way” writes in “Walking in This World” at length about walking as a creatively nurturing, inspirational and spiritual practice. It all works for me.

Walking has been a life long practice of mine. Helping me to connect to
my innermost feelings and leaving negative thinking on the trail. It
connects me to myself and helps me receive guidance, not to mention
the wonders it does for my first chakra and Hara.

The first chakra is our grounding chakra, it governs the legs, the knees
and the feet, the nervous system as well as the spinal column. A
closed first chakra disconnects us from the feelings and sensations of
our physical body. We tend to be more mental and prone to worry when our
grounding is missing. And worst, one might live in a perpetual state of
fear. The legs may be affected, feeling weak, uncoordinated and
restless at the same time. One might be tired, but restless when going
to bed and unable to get quality sleep, because of a distortion in the
grounding chakra. The first chakra connects us to the earth and helps us
release stress from the body and into the ground. Nurturing earth
energy, by way of walking, can help you rest, relax and sleep better
at night.

Personally, I always wonder what is behind the ‘restless leg syndrome’
TV advertisement. Are the legs restless because they want more movement, or is it a true syndrome? And then… what is a true syndrome?

When ‘restless legs’ happen  to me, it is a sure sign I need to take
myself for a good walk. Even when my mind tells me “I am too tired”,
afterward I am always happy I did.

Tips on walking as a healing practice:

Before heading out the door, make sure you are comfortable with your
clothing and shoes. For longer walks you might want to take some
water with you. Consider a sun visor if you go out on a sunny day or a
flash light for your night walks.

Intention transforms your walk into a spiritual practice, or a prayer.
What is the focus of your walk going to be about? How far, or how long
are you committing to walk? How much time do you have? Are you walking
for inspiration and energy, or do you want to let go of a negative
situation and transform it into a positive? If you have a
question, walk with that question. Ask for assistance of the unseen world
that walks with you and by your side.

Whether you go fast or slow, notice the movement of your body and how
it feels. It helps to get a steady momentum going to stay with it.
Adjust your position, align your spine and reach up, out of your crown, while enjoying the support of the earth underneath your feet.

Is one part of your body working harder than another? Do your fall
forward while looking at the ground, or do you feel rigid and tightly held
back? How are you relating to your surroundings and other people… are
you open, or closed off?

You can change the experience of your walk by adjusting your attitude
and body  alignment. When you are satisfied with your positioning you
can focus on enjoyment, or inner questions. The living light aspects of
God will respond to your requests of guidance and your unseen friends
are sure to walk with you to inspire your heartfelt quest.


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  1. Wonderful to read about the 1st chakra and grounding through walking, Inanna! I am loving your website! You’ve done an amazing job putting out all of this info on the HEF!!! I’m learning a lot! Love to you! Michelle