What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?

Our vital life force is energy. It is what animates our body with aliveness. Without energy there is no life or movement. Without energy we are tired, un-inspired and this dullness of mind may threaten our joy in being alive. And if this goes on long enough we may be looking at a blueprint for disease that will settle in an already weak part of our physiology. That which has us be alive, fully functioning and inspired to give our best, is our life force energy.

Without sufficient energy the expression of life-force is diminished and our health is compromised.

Our vital life force energy is intimately connected to our spirit, which is our individual connection to the Source of All. The Aura is the system by which the Spirit is linked and anchored to the human body.

Heart Flame healing is a specific modality of energy healing that is precise and laser like in its approach.

The Aura is a system that makes up the energetic blueprint for the human body. It is specifically organized to govern each aspect of the human experience that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. The Aura has memory, is dynamic, has color, intelligence and interacts with other Auras. The chakra system is part of the vital system called the Aura or HEF.

The HEF is organized in precise structures and layers, which are made up alternately of lines of light and a fluid cloud-like substance. All seven layers of the HEF are interconnected and in energetic communication with each other, relating to the seven major chakras.

Trauma in the human experience, such as physical pain, disease and loss of a loved one is visible to the trained professional eye that reads and work with the Aura. It is by working within the layers and structures of the HEF specifically,  by unblocking and releasing the trauma from it, repairing the structure of the Aura and recharging it, that the flow of vital energy is restored. This results in a gradual rejuvenation and a feeling of wellbeing.

This work can be done over any distance with intention by directing specific energetic frequencies into the area of concern.

There are many effective forms of energy healing that tap the Universal Energy Source, such as Reiki,  Pranic healing, or Acupuncture.

Diet, deep rest, exercise, loving relationships and positive thinking are all effective forms of energy healing. Healthy habits are a way of self-healing which qualify the energy in body, mind and spirit.
All forms of energy work are valid but some work better than others for certain individuals.