What is healing meditation?

A healing meditation is loving YourSelf and loving your heart and all that goes with it. It is a meditation with the intention of bringing healing to a specific ailment or situation. Intention is paramount and second to technique but it helps to know how to meditate. A healing meditation can be simple or very complex. To sit and become present to the ebb and flow of the breath allows one to get calm and to know more specifically what is going on in the area of concern. Whether it be the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of the human energy field, getting into a calm and relaxed state of being is the first healing response. It allows one to get inside the issue and give more specific attention to it. From here the experienced self-healer is able to command and direct healing energy to the area in need of repair that is signaled by pain or discomfort.

The possibilities of healing meditations are vast, unlimited. There is an active part to a healing meditation where a conscious exploration and assessment happens. Following that, a healing meditation is most successful if one also knows how to receive healing from the unlimited Source that supplies everything.
A connection with Spirit, or the Divine is available to tap into this unlimite Source for purposes of healing. A spiritual healing guide, or a meditation teacher can be most helpful for those seeking healing through meditation.