High Level Healing through Awareness of Heart & Aura

Welcome! My name is Karin Inana. I was born with the gift of healing and it is my life’s mission to Help you Heal - Body, Mind & Spirit. I provide High Level Healing locally and globally, helping individuals heal and enjoy a Dynamic State of Health, Vitality, Energy & Creativity. My Energy Healing Sessions activate your body's Natural Healing Response, Release Pain and provide the foundation for a Peaceful State of Being.

What Happens in an Energy Healing Session?

Karin, here to help you with high level healing.

The duration of a typical energy healing session is 90 minutes. It may run a little shorter or longer, as requested or required. We begin with a dialogue to identify your present complaint, your expectations and your needs. After a brief period of meditation to focus and align with the healing intention, I will start the hands on healing.  Most often, I’ll start at your feet and work upward along the locations of your joints, your energy centers and into the specific areas of your present complaint.

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