Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science is a powerful, highly effective & unique style of hands on & hands off healing. It is by working within the human energy field or aura; clearing, unblocking, repairing and charging it, that a flow of optimum life force energy is restored.

Brennan Healing Science removes blockages and distortions from the Aura.

Distortions in the HEF (Human Energy Field) will negatively affect the health of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and vise versa. It is by removing the distortions in the HEF that optimum flow of life-force energy is restored, enhancing all levels of the human being to heal naturally. Healing heart energy initiates deep rest, allowing for a lasting connection to the source of your health.

Applied Brennan Healing Science is powerful & immediately effective.

More about the Aura or the (HEF) Human Energy Field

Our vital life force energy is intimately connected to our spirit, which is our individual connection to the Source of All. The Aura is the system by which the Spirit is linked and anchored into the human body.

Working with the Aura or the HEF is a specific modality of energy work that is precise and laser like in it’s approach. Brennan Aura healing taps universal life-force intelligence and encourages optimal flow of energy in and through the structures of the Human Energy Field, hence supporting natural health and healing.

The Aura is an energetic system that contains the blueprint for the human body. The Aura or the Human Energy Field supports us in all ways. It is specifically organized to govern each aspect of the human experience that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.

The chakra system  and all aspects of the human being are housed in the Aura. An energetic blueprint underlies every organ, bone or muscle. The Aura has memory, is dynamic, has color, is intelligent and interacts with other’s Auras.

The HEF is organized in precise structures and layers, which are made up alternately of lines of light, a non-structured fluid and cloud like substance. All seven layer of the HEF are interconnected in energetic communication with each other and are constantly relating to the seven major chakras.

To the trained eye that can read and work with the Aura, trauma in the human experience is visible. Such as physical pain, disease, loss of a loved one and emotional distress. It is by working within the layers and structures of the Human Energy Field to unblock it that trauma can be released. By repairing the structure of the Aura and recharging it, the vital flow of energy is restored, resulting in rejuvenation and a feeling of Well Being.

Brennan Healing Science can be administered by a healer in person and from a distance. It is complementary to any other form of alternative or traditional medicine.

For more information please read. “Hand of Light” by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan.