Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual Surgery

Andrea had excellent results with her distant healing series including spiritual surgery and therefore wanted to help her mother. She asked me if I could help her mom who was recovering from skin cancer on her face.  The tip of her nose had been taken off and had to be reconstructed through grafts from her ears and arms. The operation had a 50 % chance of being successful. She had already undergone a series of surgeries that were not entirely successful and another one was scheduled.

To complicate the matter, the mother did not really believe in healing modalities other then the traditional Western medicine. Andrea suggested a stealth operation first if it was to happen at all.

I had to think about it and told her I would get back to her. I had to determine if it was ethical for me to work on her mother without her direct permission. After consulting with my peers and looking into the matter, I decided that it was okay to work with her mom from a distance as it was authorized by her daughter. Andrea had asked her mom’s permission to work with her herself, as she was also a trained healer in another modality. I thought it best for her mom to receive the healing in the middle of the night when she was at rest. Receiving the healing at night gave her a good chance of integrating the work without the distractions of a busy daytime hospital. She did not have to be awake for my distance healing to be effective.

To begin with I looked at her field from a distance and saw that some basic healing had to take place before the situation with her nose could be addressed. The cancer and the treatment had taken a toll on her. Her grounding was missing and the rest of her Aura needed help recovering from the ongoing cancer ordeal.  We scheduled a series of healing sessions which were to take place at midnight for her mom who resides in the UK. I was happy to work out the time difference and excited about the opportunity to be of service in this matter. I really wanted it to be successful.

At first Andrea’s mom was skeptical and I had the feeling she just went along to please her daughter. But after she had received a couple of healing sessions her state of health and outlook improved so dramatically that she asked for the healing and then looked forward to the sessions. I could see from a distance dramatic improvements in her field taking place and holding.

Andrea shared her mom’s progress with me via e-mails that her mom had sent to her.  Then in a phone conversation before a vital transplant operation, Andrea shared with her mom that in fact, a healer, other then herself, was working with her. By that time we all had come to an agreement that it was good and beneficial. And with that, the way was cleared to help her in more detail.

The next scheduled operation was crucial for the success of the transplant to fully take hold as it had failed more than once before. It was a necessary re-routing of the arteries to ensure blood supply to the tissue that had been transplanted from the ears and arms to the nose.

The distant healing session was scheduled for the night before the physical operation.

When in spiritual surgery I am part of a team, essential and central to the etheric surgeons as they pass through me and all that is needed. This includes instruments of all types, some which exist in physical format and some that are not yet in physical form as they have not been developed. I hold open a corridor and become the go between, negotiating etheric and physical realities.

In spiritual surgery I am a bridge and a corridor for entire etheric surgical teams to work through me.

I knew this would have to be a spiritual surgery and assembled my team in a preparatory meditation. Or rather, I joined the etheric team that had already gathered, ready for the task. I was late by 20 minutes. Much to my surprise a whole team, bigger than usual, was waiting for me to start by the time I sat down for the healing. There was much excitement in the air, I felt honored and privileged to be part of this team. As I was the go between, bridging the etheric to the physical, they could not start without me and were indeed waiting. I could clearly see, the fact that Andrea’s mom who had come into full agreement made a difference, as part of her personal team was present too.

Much like walking into a regular physical operating room, everyone went to work with intense focus. One by one all moved into place. I could feel energetic arms and hands overlaying mine and etheric instruments that were being passed down through my head, my arms and hands. My inner eyes focused on the etheric template and I saw the whole operation take place through all of the levels of the Aura. Everything that was to happen in the physical operation scheduled in a few hours time was being done on the etheric in detailed preparation. It was an exhilarating feeling to watch and to participate in the entire sacred healing event. After it was complete I felt spent in a happy way. The next day I was tired, no doubt, from this tremendously focused healing session. I was assured by my multi dimensional assistance team that the operation would be successful. I was waiting for hopeful news from Andrea’s mom.

Days later I got a distressed message from Andrea letting me know that her mom was worried. The nose was still black and the doctors had put her on notice that it might not take again. I took a moment to go inside and consult with my guides about the matter; I was told that it was essential to hold steadfast, to remain positive and to keep the faith. I was also told that the nose was going to turn pink shortly and become pinker day-by-day. I related this to Andrea which she shared with her mom.

A few days later, I got news from  Andrea, her mom was overjoyed, her nose had indeed turned pink and the transplant was holding. This was much to the surprise of the surgeons who performed the physical operation. They  filed into her room in order to confirm the news about the transplant holding and her new pink nose. Below is the testimonial from Andrea about her mom’s nose.

“ My mother, who had skin cancer, was having her nose reconstructed for a second time (after several botched surgeries). Thankfully this time the graft took hold with Karin’s help – much to the amazement of the doctors who had almost given up hope. Now mum has a beautiful pink nose instead of a deformed one. My mother’s belief system has subtly changed as well, she now embraces energy healing as a valuable option, which amazes me as she has always been a total skeptic about such things!”

In my healing practice, Spiritual Surgery has proven itself to be ultimately supportive for my clients in the preparation for upcoming medical procedures, as well as a post operative option to help recovery from surgery. Healing time and pain have been known to be significantly reduced with this advanced healing modality and in some cases the success of a medical procedure has been greatly supported and even ensured.

Other uses for Spiritual Surgery are to relieve joint pain, or organ pain as well as mysterious and sometimes chronic pain.

Spiritual Surgery is different from Psychic Surgery. Psychic surgery addresses the physical body directly, were for example a healer might reach into the body to remove a tumor and such.

In Spiritual Surgery the area of concern is addressed through the template of the fifth level of the field, with help of a surgical healing team. These are like the operating teams in physical reality. From the fifth level of the field the rest of the Aura can be accessed in order to make needed healing adjustments. A surgical healing team is assembled according to the specific needs of a client and directed by the complaint or the condition. The preparatory healing meditation before a Spiritual Surgery sends out the call and requests the team with the needed specifications. Each etheric healing team seems to be individually assembled according and specific to what is needed at the time.

I have gone from one spiritual surgery to another within hours; with entirely different teams present. Spiritual Surgery is a unique experience for me as the healer and for the recipient, depending on what it is needed for. When I work with clients in person, sometimes, they inform me about the experience that they are having, if they happen to be awake and able to track the healing.  Often they can feel and sense the sensation of having their template adjusted, pulled, vacuumed and even cut. Slight discomfort might be part of the experience but mostly they are benign sensations of healing changes going on. This can be exciting as well as affirmative for the client, as it is most powerful to have a direct healing experience that one can recall as part of the healing. However, a Spiritual Surgery is no less effective if a client is asleep during the healing.

A resting and integration period is almost always recommended and needed. The length of time of recovery depends on the degree of intervention. At times a procedure might have multiple steps to it and therefore multiple spiritual surgeries are needed.

Healing sessions can be easily arranged for those who are comfortable in receiving healing from a distance for out of town, or even out of country clients. I am also available to work in person for clients in the Los Angeles area.